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How Plumbing Can Change A Young Persons Life?

For most young people coming out of high school, they’re still trying to discover their career path. While many head off to college, others don’t feel pushed to attend college. We’ve all heard that there is a significant shortage of tradespeople in the United States. Maybe you’re a person that likes to work with your hands, someone who does not want to get stuck behind a deck? Why not consider becoming a plumber? A plumber keeps our homes’ plumbing system flowing correctly. Without our tradespeople, life would be pretty messed up for home and property owners.

7 Reasons You May Want To Become A Plumber

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#1 Guaranteed employment

If you become a good plumber, you’re almost guaranteed a job wherever you go. Plumbers are not only in high demand, but the need for plumbers is also expected to grow by 16% in the upcoming years. A plumber will always have job security, and their expertise can never get outsourced.

#2 No student loan debt

While all your friends are coming home from college with piles of student loan debt, you’re finishing up your fourth-year on-the-job training positioning for a contractor’s license without any school loan debt. Additionally, you were paid for all your training. Some may even want to refine their plumbing skills by attending a trade school or community college. Either way, you’ll start life out with little to no debt.

#3 Endless possibilities

Unlike a diploma, plumbing is a trade that is regulated by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). After four years of training under a licensed contractor, a plumber can apply to the CSLB for a contractor’s license. Earning them the ability to make higher wages, as well as start their own plumbing company.

#4 Wide range of opportunities

The plumbing industry as a whole encompasses a wide variety of jobs. For example, you could work for your city’s municipal water district, specialize in commercial plumbing, new construction, or the more traditional residential plumbing services. When you become a plumber, the opportunities are endless.

#5 Personal benefits of a plumber

Some of the benefits of a plumber is being able to interact with people, analyze plumbing issues, and developing solutions. It helps improve business skills and keeps you active. It also helps teach you service skills because you’re interacting with customers throughout your day.

#6 Financial benefits

A good plumber can have an excellent career in plumbing. According to Career Explorer, the bottom 20% of plumbers make $32,820 per year, the average plumber makes $56,270, and the top 20% earns $103,180.

More insights into wages:

Starting level Plumbers:  $15.78per hour – $32,820per year

Junior Level Plumbers: $19.66per hour – $40,890per year

Mid-Level Plumbers: $27.05per hour – $56,270per year

Senior-Level Plumbers: $36.28per hour – $75,470per year

Top-Level Plumbers: $49.61per hour – $103,180per year

#7 Plumbers are respected –

We’ve all heard all the jokes about plumbers, and they’re all in good fun. The fact is, most people realize what plumbers do for the average home and business owner, and their trade is well respected. After all, they take calls twenty-four hours a day, fix your plumbing issues, and relieve you of your plumbing worries.


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