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Biofilm is The Black Slime Found in Your Drains: Safeguard Your Family

What is Biofilm and How Can it Affect My Plumbing System Biofilm is the black slime commonly found in our bathroom drains. It is essentially an aggregation of one or more bacterial species and their byproducts. Despite its often unpleasant appearance and odor, biofilm serves as an intriguing ecological phenomenon. Moreover, it’s crucial to recognize that […]

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Black Slime Causes Sluggish Drains/ Biofilm

Sluggish Drains? Learn How to Clear Your Drains from Black Slime

Black Slime is a Living Organism The presence of black slime in your drain can be a bit of a nuisance, but addressing the issue sooner rather than later is always the best approach. This black substance goes by various names, including black sludge, bio-slime, and biofilm. Interestingly, this slime is a living organism composed […]

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Black Slime Causes Sluggish Drains

How To Clear The Black Slime From Your Bathroom Sink

The Black Slime Has Many Names When it comes to black slime in your drain, it’s always best to tackle the problem sooner than later. The black stuff has many names, such as black sludge, bio-slime, and biofilm. The slime is a living organism made up of hair products, skin cells, body oils, food, toothpaste, […]

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3 Common Plumbing Issues That A Homeowner Can Fix Themselves

How To Clear A Slow-Moving Bathroom Drain Your drains are slowly draining because your pipe has black slime attached to the drain. The black slime forms when you brush your teeth, comb your hair, shave or wash your hands. Bio-slime is a collection of bacteria brought on by organic matter found in bathroom products and […]

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How to Clean Your Bathroom Sink, commercial bathroom sink

How to Clear a Bathroom Sink

Everyone has experienced a clogged bathroom sink. The fact is, every heavily used bathroom sink will back up, if not given occasional maintenance. Even when we create new habits to prevent our sinks from clogging, they still may back up. The most significant problems occur from our daily routine: brushing our teeth, combing our hair, shaving, […]

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