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Are Drain Cleaners Safe for My Drains?

Every homeowner has faced a clogged drain of some kind, whether a small bathroom sink drain, toilet, or shower drain. Most of us whip out our faithful plunger and have at it! However, a plunger won’t get to the bottom of drains because they have bathroom products and hair combined that get wrapped around our […]

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Fun Plumbing Facts And Trivia

Fun Plumbing Facts, Trivia, and solutions

We’ve heard the jokes and have seen the cartoons regarding plumbers. Obviously, the “plumber’s crack” is the leader when it comes to plumbing jokes and cartoons. I’ve seen some pretty hilarious cartoons regarding the plumber’s crack. There are also some pretty cool facts and myths regarding your plumbing, plumbing systems, and water conservation. How Water […]

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The Good & Bad On Liquid Drain Cleaners

No plumbing company is ever going to recommend liquid drain cleaners to clear a clogged drain. Instead, we hear endless stories on how bad they are for our water pipes and the environment. But the fact is, some of the top brands, such as Drano® and Liquid Plumber®, have proven to be effective in clearing […]

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