The Perils of Hard Water for Your Health and Home

Did you know that the drinking water that you think is “pure,” is in fact, littered with a variety of minerals such as calcium and magnesium? A lot of people aren’t aware of the perils of hard water for your health and home. If you live in California and don’t have a water purification system in your home, you have experienced the effects of hard water. It is defined by the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium in your drinking water. Everything in your home is affected by this water, which includes hair, skin, and nails. In some cases, depending on your water’s hardness, after using soap to wash, you might feel like there’s a film of residue still on your hands. Laundry is also affected by hard water, as it can cause soap not to rinse as cleanly as it should from clothing, skin, and your dishes. Hard water also requires using more soap for cleaning hair, hands, and laundry. 

What is Hard Water?

Aside from built-up calcium and magnesium, other minerals can cause problems as well, such as manganese. While the additional mineral content isn’t considered dangerous for individuals, it certainly can be undesirable and problematic for your health and home. In addition to calcium and magnesium, the manganese in your water can build up in your pipes, restricting water flow causing low water pressure. The reactions that the minerals have with metal in your home can cause corrosion in your pipes. The change in the water’s chemical makeup will also make soap and other cleaning products less effective. The soap curd left on your skin by interaction with this kind of water may shorten the life of your clothes, dampen colors and cause graying of whites in the laundry too.

Signs Thet Your Water Is Hard Water

Have you noticed the film in your sink, spots on your shower doors, countertops, faucets, fixtures, and other places in your home where water may sit? Spots on your drinking glasses are another clue that you have hard water. If you notice that the soap never seems to fully rinse clean off your skin, it is another good indicator that your water is hard. Installing a whole house water purification system is the perfect solution for hard water. A water purification system will remove the unwanted minerals from your water, giving you clean drinking water along with soft hair and skin. 

Hard water Deposits On A Shower Head

It Will Wreak Havoc On Our Appliances

Hard water can wreak havoc on our water heaters and other appliances. Calcium carbonate can form in our water heater when the water is heated. The calcium deposits will sit in our tank and lower the heater’s efficiency, shortening its life expectancy. We can also see the effects of hard water on other appliances such as our coffee maker. That’s why running vinegar through the coffee maker is recommended. The acidity in the vinegar helps dissolve the minerals that build up. The same holds true for many of our fixtures, such as our showerheads; when they get clogged, we recommend soaking them overnight in a bag of vinegar to remove the built-up calcium deposits.   

 How To Combat Hard Water

One of the best ways to eliminate hard water is via a whole house water filtration system. It’s a simple, effective way to bring pure water into the home. The benefits of a water filtration system are extensive, not to mention the benefits to your family’s health. 

Benefits Of A Whole House Water Filtration System:

  • On-demand safe drinking water without any minerals or chemicals.
  • Safe drinking water during a pandemic.
  • No more plastic bottles to destroy our climate.
  • No heavy lifting of 5-gallon bottles.
  • It will extend the life of your plumbing system.
  • No more soap scum on countertops and shower doors. 
  • Soft clean hair and skin.
  • It will extend the life of your appliances. 

Need a Whole House Water Filtration System? We Have You Covered!

If you suspect your water is not right, contact our professionals at Big B’s Plumbing. We offer salt-free water conditioning from Enviro Water Products. Not only will this help with your hard water problem, but it will help decrease water usage and help the environment at the same time. We’ll finance your water filtration system for as little as 0% interest for one year! We also have longer financing options. Have a crisis? You can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 951-397-0360, or find us online at License #986152

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