Gas Line Installation And Repair In Fallbrook, CA

Whenever your gas lines are an issue, make safety a priority. In addition to adding an entirely new gas line, our plumbing experts will also repair an existing old gas line. We have gas line installation and repair experts, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, that is on hand to assist you. Furthermore, we have completed criminal and sex offender background checks on every one of our plumbers. They have been thoroughly vetted. We also have over 1,000 5-star ratings on sites like Facebook, Yelp!, and Google My Business, all of which speak highly of our work. You can rely on Big B's Plumbing for all of your Fallbrook gas line installation and repair needs.

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Fallbrook, Gas Line Installation and Repair


Big B's Plumbing - Gas Line Installation And Repair In Fallbrook, CA.

Fallbrook residents have come to depend on Big B's Plumbing for their gas line repair and installation. Most people's first reaction is, "Why do I need to call my local plumber to fix a gas leak?" Most property owners don't realize that their utility company is not responsible for maintaining incoming gas lines once they reach your meter. Call Big B's Plumbing in Fallbrook, CA, for your gas line installation and repairs.

What's The Foul Odor In Natural Gas?

The bad smell that natural gas releases are caused by a chemical additive that your utility provider adds to their natural gas before it gets supplied to the consumer, which most people aren't aware of. Mercaptan is the chemical added to natural gas. Until the gas companies added Mercaptan to natural gas, it had no odor in its natural condition. The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs is the first sign that natural gas is present in your residence. Without the smell, the consequences could be severe, even deadly. 

Smell Gas? Leave Your Home And Call 9-1-1! 

If you smell natural gas in any residence, you should immediately remove yourself from the location, including everyone inside. Keep in mind that your pets will need removing as well. Once everyone is gone from the home, contact your gas company's urgent hotline or 9-1-1.  They will turn off the gas as soon as they isolate the problem. Repairs to a gas line are the homeowner's responsibility, so call local Fallbrook, gas line installation and repair company, Big B's Plumbing.

Gas Line For Outdoor BBQ, We Have You Covered

You may need to move a gas or water line to install a new outside natural gas BBQ grill or kitchen. Our professionals have full access to the city permitting process, so they can verify that any new gas lines are installed to comply with all local plumbing laws. A natural gas water heater might also be a better option than an electric water heater in terms of cost. Nothing is beyond their grasp for our team of plumbing experts, thanks to their training and state-of-the-art plumbing tools and equipment. We can install your new tankless water heater gas lines to perfection if you're putting in a new tankless water heater.

If you're renovating your home and needing new gas lines installed or upgraded? Give us a call. We want to be "Your Plumber For Life" from the moment we enter your home. Call Big B's Plumbing for your new gas line installation or repair. We'll exceed your expectations.

Our Fallbrook Plumbers Are The Best In The Business

Natural gas leaks could be exceedingly hazardous, especially if left undetected. They should get dealt with quickly and with great care. Our Fallbrook plumbers are unquestionably the best in the business when it comes to natural gas installations and repairs. Consequently, we provide our plumbers with the tools and training they need to find and fix any gas leak promptly and safely.

When You Need A Gas Line Installation Or Repair, Call The Experts At Big B's Plumbing


Licensed, Insured, Background Check. Gas Line Installation And Repair In Fallbrook, CA.

Nothing is worth putting your life in danger, and this is especially true if there is a gas or water leak. As a result, we strongly discourage anybody from trying to fix any gas line repair. Instead, it's better to schedule a time with your local plumbing expert. Even though there are repair videos for almost everything online, nothing surpasses the expertise of a professional plumber. Water and gas leaks may get fixed using specialized equipment by a plumber. Big B's Plumbing is licensed, insured, and bonded in Fallbrook, California.

Know Where Your Gas Shut Off Valves Are Located

Everyone should know where the gas shutoff valves are located on all of their gas-powered appliances and equipment. They must also be able to turn off the gas whenever necessary. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that household appliances contain shutoff valves. If you're concerned that one of your appliances may be leaking gas, spray some liquid soap on the shutoff valve; if you see bubbling, then you have a minor leak, have it repaired ASAP! 

Because of this, we highly suggest replacing any leaking valves immediately. Moreover, it would help if you replaced old gas valves on your cloth dryer, natural gas oven, water heater, and any other old gas line connections. Need help replacing old gas line connections? Contact Big B's Plumbing, your gas leak installation and repair company in Fallbrook, CA. 

Know-How To Shut Off The Gas At The Meter

The gas meter has a shutoff valve to your home. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to turn off the gas in their homes in the case of a leak or other emergency. In the event of a gas leak, immediately turn off your home's gas supply. Next, take your family and pets to a secure location outside your house, as previously advised. As soon as possible, ring your gas company's 24-hour emergency hotline or call 911. When the gas gets shut off, call Big B's Plumbing to set up a gas line repair appointment

We do not advise fixing your gas lines unless you have the proper expertise. As a last note, we do not recommend installing a gas line yourself. Instead, call to have one of our gas line experts come out and check for leaks.

Unfortunately, Gas Leaks Are More Common Than One Might Think

If you raise the prospect of a gas leak with a homeowner, they are inclined to disregard it. But, sadly, gas leaks are more common than one may think. Many issues may lead to a gas leak, including soil erosion, pipe corrosion, seismic activity, and inferior materials. Additionally, events such as excavation are another way a gas line might break. But unfortunately, worn-out gas supply line connectors may be the leading cause of minor gas leaks. So call for an expert technician to satisfy all your new gas line installations and repairs in Fallbrook, CA.


Gas Line Installation And Repair In Fallbrook, CA.

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