High And Low Water Pressure Repairs In Fallbrook, CA

High And Low Water Pressure Repairs in Fallbrook, CA | Big B's Plumbing

Low water pressure is a common problem in Fallbrook, California. Your plumbing professional at Big B's Plumbing has the training and tools to quickly identify where the high or low water pressure problem is coming from. All of our plumbers have received extensive training, and as a result, are knowledgeable about resolving problems related to low pressure. Since the problem could originate from a number of different places, we conduct a thorough, comprehensive investigation. In addition, we're an A+ rated Fallbrook plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau. When you need a plumbing company to inspect your high or low water pressure in Fallbrook, CA, we have you covered. 

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Fallbrook, High and Low Water Pressure Repairs

Nothing is more aggravating than stepping into the shower to find there is inadequate water pressure. Many people also agree that proper pressure is essential to maintaining a high standard of living. The correct pressure helps with our everyday chores making them easier, whether dishwashing, bathing, or washing our cars. However, don't get fooled into thinking that higher pressure is ever a good thing for your plumbing system. High water pressure will stress your plumbing system resulting in water leaks and other plumbing issues. Our state-of-the-art plumbing equipment will enable us to pinpoint the source of the issue quickly. 

High Water Pressure, It Is Not a Luxury

Despite what some people think, high water pressure is not a luxury. In fact, it is not good for your plumbing system and will possibly damage your pipes, causing them to leak. If you're experiencing problems with either high or low pressure in Fallbrook, CA, call Big B's Plumbing professionals immediately. Depending on where you live, your pressure will vary. But if the pressure in your area exceeds eighty pounds per square inch, you must have a pressure regulator installed, according to the plumbing code in California. 

Water Pressure Is Best Set Between 40 and 60 psi

Those who live in Fallbrook with low pressure should contact their city's water company and request that their neighborhood's water pressure be assessed. One of your city's water technicians will conduct a pressure test from the most convenient fire hydrant. The water company will send the results of that test to you. Keeping your pressure set between 40 and 60 psi would be best. The best way to know if your water pressure problems are a result of your home's plumbing system or the result of an issue with the city's water supply is to check with your neighbors. Your plumbing system is most likely to blame if your neighbors are not having the same issue.

Keep Your Eye Out for the Warning Signs

The most typical culprit is a failing regulator when water pressure is too high. This means that you may need to reset your regulator or replace it altogether. A trained plumbing expert should inspect your home's plumbing system to find the source of your low or high water pressure. Additionally, a water pressure test gauge may be purchased online or at a home improvement store for less than 10 dollars. Likewise, a homeowner may keep an eye out for low or high water pressure warning signs: 

  • Your plumbing fixtures are vibrating.
  • Due to the increased pressure, appliances will emit strange sounds.
  • There is a lack of hot water coming from your water heater.
  • Your water expenses have skyrocketed.
  • Pipes have started leaking.
  • Problems with your appliances leaking.
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Over 80 PSI Is Considered "Extreme" 

Pressures of 80 psi or more are considered severe, so verify the pressure settings to 40-60 psi or below. Excessive pressure is often the consequence of a malfunctioning regulator. Under normal settings, your pressure regulator should last between eight and ten years. Our recommendation is to replace old regulators before they fail. Give us a call right now if you have high or low water pressure in Fallbrook, CA. 

Ask Your Neighbor if They Have Low Water Pressure

Your neighbor's residence is the first place to check for low water pressure. Ask if they're also experiencing the same issues. It would be best to inform your water service provider of the problem in such a case. In most instances, they are finishing up repairs in the area, so you will have to wait until any projects in the area get completed.  

Your Shut-Off Valve Could Be Slightly Closed

Another more prevalent issue than you might think is seeing a shut-off valve partially closed. You can locate most shut-off valves in a direct line to the main water supply line and usually in the garage or on the perimeter outside the home. If someone knocked or tampered with the lever handle of a shut-off valve, it might have caused it to close slightly, causing restricted water flow to your home.

Use a Water Test Gauge for High or Low Water Pressure

A pressure regulator can fail, resulting in high and low water pressure. Use the exterior spigot closest to the pressure regulator to test your pressure using a water pressure gauge. Turning on the water with the gauge attached will give you a rather accurate estimate of your home's water pressure. Fallbrook, CA, residents can rely on Big B's Plumbing for all their low water pressure repair needs.

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Use a Water Test Gauge for High or Low Water Pressure

A  pressure regulator can fail, resulting in high or low water pressure. Use the exterior spigot closest to the pressure regulator to test the pressure using a pressure gauge. Turning on the water with the gauge attached will give you a rather accurate estimate of your home's water pressure. Fallbrook, CA, residents can rely on Big B's Plumbing for all their low water pressure repair needs.

California's Water Can Wreak Havoc on Your Plumbing System

If you have an older property and reside in a region with a lot of hard water, be on the lookout for mineral deposits in your water pipes. Over time, mineral deposits build up within your pipes, reducing water flow and resulting in decreased pressure.

Have an Expert Plumber Evaluate Your High or Low Water Pressure

Pipe leaks in your foundation might go undetected for days or even weeks at a time. The slab is where the problem begins, and it's most common in older buildings. Water will rise to the surface most of the time after passing through the slab. Another sign is a spike in your water bill. In the event that a water leak goes undetected, it might cause significant damage to the property. Water leaking from the slab is another possible source of low pressure. Have a professional plumber diagnose your water pressure.

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