septic tank repair and replacement

Do you have an odor around your home? Are your toilet draining slowly? Maybe its time to have the experts from Big B's Plumbing Company inspect your system. We've been providing septic tank repair for close to a decade.  



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Septic tank repair for Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, La Cresta and surrounding areas

Septic Tank Repair

New Septic Tank Installed

Big B's Plumbing Company professionals can locate a septic tank by first finding the buried tank cover. It’s essential to adequately maintain your sewage system which can start by finding the septic tank location. Our technicians have a variety of ways of doing this so that we can move forward with the tank inspection process. We can trace the septic tank repair issues that prevent proper functioning. It’s important to have the septic tank inspected on a regular basis, typically every three years or so. If the system has mechanical components, then it may be necessary to have it looked at more often. While there are many types of systems, they all work toward the same goal. Preventative maintenance can save you money in the long run as well as avoid potentially nasty sewage backups that can overcome your home and yard.

Have an expert locate septic tank and repair any potential defects

Septic System Process

The image depicts the septic system process that begins with a flushing toilet and flows to an underground system of containment and diffusion of sanitary waste.

If you suspect a sewage leak, call a plumber immediately. There are several signs to look for when doubting a problem with a septic tank:


  • A backed up toilet or drain inside your home
  • Noises coming from the septic tank
  • Flushing of the toilet is slow or sluggish
  • Visible moisture/wet spots above the tank
  • Sewage rising to the surface
  • Odor in our outside of the home, especially above the septic tank


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What are some common reasons for septic tank repair?

Septic Tank Cover

Septic Tank Cover

There are several reasons why your septic tank may not be functioning correctly. A poorly maintained septic system is the most apparent reason why your septic tank is not working correctly. The tank needs to be pumped out and cleaned on a consistent basis, or it’s bound to become full and back up. An outdated system is causing overcapacity, this is another reason. Another common problem is a blockage from intrusive tree roots, “grease capping” caused by grease cutting off drain field oxygen. Sludge overloading, broken pipes in the drain field. Compacted soil over the drain field (produced by parked cars), and sulfite or Biomat buildup is also responsible for needing septic tank repair. Do you have a compromised septic system? Call the professionals at Big B's Plumbing Company. We'll send a technician out quickly to assess the problem and have you on your way to finding the solution!