The Plumber Near Me

I was internet searching this morning for an electrician. Most people like myself, jump on Google’s search engine and type in “electrician” and “Wa-La!”, you have a list of electricians, more than you want or need. The same goes for “plumbers”. For those that don’t know, the top three advertised results and the bottom three ads that come up in the Google search are paid advertising. This means the individual plumbing company pays for their ad to show up on the top and bottom of the searched listings.  And may I remind you that they pay dearly. That is how Google became one of the wealthiest companies in the world.

Don’t Click A Sponsored Ad Unless You’re Really Interested

Let me challenge your mind for a minute. If you type in the phrase, “Plumber near me” and you click on one of the sponsored ads, that will cost the plumbing company over $60. Just for that one click, whether you use their services or not. Does that sound crazy? Because it is! I make a point of never clicking sponsored ads unless I’m serious about using the service. That is purely out of respect for the advertiser.  

Google Home Services “Plumber Near Me”

Google now has Home Services at the top of your service pages. These include electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, and auto mechanics. Google guarantees the service for those advertisers, to the point where they will refund your money if you’re unsatisfied. Every company must have a background check on all employees and owners. Furthermore, Google completes a full test on their contractor’s license and insurance. Google Home Services is relatively new; it launched in 2015 and continues to expand.

Owners And Employees Have Had Background Checks

In this case, if you type in, “Plumbers Near Me”, plumbers, plumbing company, and more,  you’ll have three plumbing companies listed at the top of the page. Unlike other sponsored listings, these are in enclosed boxes and stand out very well. Your plumbing company goes to great lengths to become part of Google Home Services, and they pay a pretty penny for the advertising. So on top, you have Google Home Services, and next are sponsored ads called Adwords.

Google My Business

Next is “Google My Business.” This is where you see a small map and three listings below the map. If you type in “Plumber Near Me 92562”, you’ll get one set of companies. Change the zip code to “92563,” and you’ll see a whole new set of plumbers. These are all businesses that have signed up for “Google My Business.”Plumber near me

The ten listings below that are “organic” listings. I wish I could tell you that they’re free because they are not. They are free in the sense that Google does not charge for them. Companies pour endless time and resources into working their websites in hopes to find favor with Google just so that their websites rank on the first page. I think you’ll see that those companies that care about their rankings and their website are the same companies that pour themselves into their customers.


  • The top boxes with paid advertisers are called “Home Services.”
  • Next, are paid advertisers called Adwords, they take up three to four listings.
  • After that are “Google My Business” businesses that are a free service put on by Google.
  • The next ten ads are organic results that get their position based on Google’s algorithm. The companies that own these websites have invested significantly into the design and content of their sites.
  • And last but not least, you’ll have more Adwords at the bottom.


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