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9 Signs That You Have A Slab Leak

Most homeowners have a feel for what it costs to run a household. They can gauge to see if something is not right. If our water begins to escalate, it usually means something is wrong. A high water bill could be a number of things, which may include irrigation leak, but the worst-case scenario is a slab leak. Early detection could be critical, if left undetected a slab leak could cost thousands of dollars in water damage. There are seven signs that detect a slab leak, knowing them could save a homeowner big. The first time you notice a spike in your water bill, make a checklist.

Your Slab Leak Checklist:

  • Big jump in your water bill
  • Pooling water
  • Buckling ceramic tiles or laminate floors
  • Discolored tiles or grout line
  • Possible buckling and discoloring to wood floors
  • Damp spots on your carpet
  • Decreased water pressure
  • A hot water heater that is continuously running
  • Areas on your hard surface flooring that’s warm
  • An Unusually High Water Bill Is The First Sign

    Whenever you receive a water bill that’s higher than usual, chances are there’s a leak in your home plumbing system. Use your checklist to check for the signs that your slab may be leaking. If you notice any of the signs listed, then you must contact your plumbing professional ASAP. At Big B’s plumbing, we have a slab leak detection expert to help you find your slab leak quickly. We use the latest plumbing technology that takes the guesswork out of finding your leak.

    High Water Bill

    Water Puddling And Discolored Buckling Tiles Are Some Of The Signs

    If a pipe in your slab is leaking, water will eventually make its way out, in some cases, you might see puddling around your home. In other cases, you’ll discover discoloring of your tiles and grout, and in severe cases, the flooring will buckle. The same holds true for hardwood floors. There will be areas on your wood floors that shows clearly a different color than other areas on the floor.

    Watch For Damp Wet Mildew Smelling Carpet

    Another sign is your carpet can feel damp and when pulled back, mold may be present. In the case of a severe slab leak, you can see noticeable water. Sometimes the leak could go unnoticed for some time, and your carpet will begin to smell like mildew. Once you smell that musty mildew, thoroughly check your carpet for moisture.

    A Slab Leak Can Cause Low Water Pressure

    Decreased water pressure is another sign because water is leaking from your pipe before it’s able to reach your faucet. If the leak is from the hot water pipe, then your water heater will be working around the clock 24/7. It will continuously be running, and also you may have warm areas as the water begins to make its way out.

    When you see the signs of a slab leak, call for a Big B’s Plumbing specialist. We’re an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. You can check out all our top-notch reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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