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The Best Way To Clean Mold In Your Shower

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You have seen mold existing in your shower and bathroom fixtures. Some mold may have serious side effects, while others are quite harmless. Let’s face it -most of us have never heard of a person becoming ill from shower mold. However, let’s not temp it, remove the mold whenever the first sign of it appears. You’ll get no off-the-wall scare tactics from this blog, just some practical advice. The black or green gunk we may commonly know as mold does have a technical term. What are the names of these unpleasant offenders? Even though these different types of mold may be challenging to say, each type of mold can have a different effect on our health. 

  1. Trichoderma
  2. Chaetomium
  3. Fusarium
  4. Aureobasidium
  5. Serpula lacrymans
  6. Cladosporium
  7. Ulocladium
  8. Penicillium
  9. Aspergillus

Black Mold Is The Most Common In Showers

According to HTGV, if left unchecked, bathroom molds are known to increase inflammation, asthma, weariness, inflammation, breathing problems, and fatigue. Alternaria is, by far, the most typical variety of bathroom mold. This typical domestic mold can also grow in darker areas outside the home. The second is Stachybotrys Chartarum, sometimes called “black mold.”

Clean The Mold From Your Shower

What Leads To Mold Growth In Your Shower?

Now that the offenders have a name, how in the world did they get into your shower? Since mold grows best in dark, wet environments in nature, it would do the same in your bathroom’s darkened, damp corners. The actual construction materials themselves matter. Molds like moist calking, wood, drywall, damp bathroom carpets, and tile grout on our bathroom walls. Mold can start to develop in our bathrooms in just two days. Mold will spread quickly in your shower and on more organic material it can consume.

According to The CDC Mold can contribute to Serious health Issues

Our bathroom mold might be widespread, but the longer you tolerate it, the greater the likelihood you’ll have health issues. According to the CDC, here is a closer look at the negative effects of mold on health, in addition to allergies, asthma, and mental disorders:

  1. Skin and eye irritation
  2. Pneumonia
  3. wheezing
  4. Lung infection illness
  5. Breathlessness
  6. Long-term coughing

Mold removal is essential, but what’s the best way to remove it? And how can you be sure that you’re eliminating the mold?

Are Mildew And Mold The Same Thing?

A specific type of mold or fungus we often refer to as mildew. The general word “mildew” frequently gets used to describe mold growth, a smelly kitchen sponge, smelly cloth, etc.

Why Does Mold Develop In Bathrooms?

Your bathroom’s moisture and heat create humid conditions in the bathroom that are perfect for the growth of mold spores. Therefore, any time you take a bath, shower, or even wash your face and hands in warm water, you’re creating the ideal environment for mold to grow. Any time you take a bath, shower, or even wash your face and hands in warm water, you’re creating the ideal environment for mold to grow. The mold feeds off the microorganisms, such as dust particles in the air that land on your bathroom surfaces, which causes it to spread quickly.

Incorporate Grout Cleaning Into Your Regular Shower Regimen

The grout in your shower might still need additional care even with the greatest tile cleaning procedures. Mold and mildew are frequently found growing between shower tiles because the bathroom environment is constantly surrounded by moisture and humidity. If your shower grout is light, you’ll be able to notice it — initially in little areas; then it grows to larger ones if left unchecked — it’s always best to clean it up before it gets worse. If your grout is dark, it might be easier to hide, posing a greater health risk. Make it a point to incorporate grout cleaning into your regular shower regimen. Remove mold accumulation before it becomes a major problem. 

Use A Strong Cleaning Solution, With Washing Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide 

Using abrasive cleaners or products with chlorine bleach as an ingredient is not one of the best methods of cleaning your shower grout. Using harsh chemicals in a cramped bathroom with poor ventilation and little air movement might not be good. When seeking a strong cleaning solution, washing soda and hydrogen peroxide are safer alternatives to take into account. This is because they effectively remove mold and stop its development while being noticeably more environmentally friendly. If you have a good memory, put it in your memory bank or write it down as your do-it-yourselfer grout cleaning recipe for the next time you clean your bathroom tiles thoroughly.

Create Your Own Grout Cleaner

Start by mixing two parts of an oxygenated powder product, such as OxiClean or Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda, with one part of hydrogen peroxide to create a paste-like substance. The potent mixture of these thick chemicals will spot-treat areas afflicted by mold and mildew while adhering to your grout lines in the shower without washing away. Even if your grout appears to be fine, think about using it as a powerful cleaner that will help to stop mold from developing because it serves as an excellent defense against spores. It should come as no surprise that this at-home treatment works incredibly well because hydrogen peroxide is one ingredient used in heavy-duty mold abatement solutions.

Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda For Your shower

Use A Toothbrush To Apply The Paste

Apply the paste to the grout lines in your shower with an old toothbrush after mixing it up in a basin. Concentrate on the areas where the mold is most obvious, and try to coat any portions of your shower that could be more susceptible to mold growth. This may include any mold found around shower drains, corners, floor tiles, and shelves in your shower. Give another scrub after you wait.

Watch Your Grout Lines Come To Life

After letting the mixture sit for a short time, scrub your grout lines once again and watch your grout line come to life. Next, give the area a good rinse before wiping the surfaces clean with a towel. While concentrating on the grout line in your shower, think about the best techniques to remove hard water buildup on the tile surfaces as well. For example, non-porous tile surfaces may be cleaned well with a white vinegar wash, while marble and other porous stone surfaces are best cleaned with plain water or cleaners made especially for stone to prevent fading the color or finish.

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