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9 Useful Plumbing Maintenance Tips And Tricks

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Almost every homeowner has a plumbing issue at some point. Consider your home a machine that needs fuel and regular plumbing maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  The plumbing in your home is a complex system that brings your family clean water, distributes it throughout the house, and then removes the waste. Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to take it for granted. We all have access to clean water and sanitation until something goes drastically wrong.

Nevertheless, maintaining our plumbing and avoiding most typical concerns like leaks, cracked, rusty pipes, and clogs is not difficult as it may sound. Most fixtures such as sinks and toilets are built to last for decades. These plumbing hints will assist you in keeping your system in good working order, allowing you to prevent the hassles and inconvenience of unforeseen plumbing issues.

Include A Whole House Water Purification System Into Your Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Why not start at the top? If you want a thriving plumbing system, then have a whole house purification system installed. Hard water wreaks havoc on any plumbing system. In addition, your fixtures, faucets, and appliances will also benefit. It will also extend the life of your water heater. However, not every homeowner has the cash on hand to make such a purchase all at once. Nevertheless, Big B’s Plumbing has some of the best on-the-spot financings in the industry. The #1 best investment you can make in your plumbing system is a whole house water purification system.  

Water Purification System For Plumbing Maintenance

Don’t Use Your Toilet As A Trash Can

Only human waste and toilet paper should get flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately, many of us use our toilet bowl as a garbage can. Items such as sanitary pads, tampons, cotton swabs, rubber bands, hair, and cardboard can accumulate in our drain lines, causing them to clog eventually. Put a wastebasket in the bathroom and use it unless you want to throw money at your local plumbing company. Additionally, our sewer lines are out of sight, out of mind. Only use them for what they were intended for, the rest goes in the trash can. 

Use Food Coloring To Discover Toilet Leaks

Do you hear water running? Could it be the sound of a leaking toilet? Well, there is an easy way to check. Put a couple of drops of food coloring in your tank and wait for a short time to see what happens. If water has seeped into the bowl without flushing, it will have changed to the food coloring color. If your toilet is leaking, you can save both money and water by replacing the stopper in the tank. The average homeowner can replace it, and a toilet stopper costs less than ten bucks. 

Using Soap And Hot Water To Unclog A Toilet

Most of us don’t cry plumber over a clogged drain, and rightly so. Almost every U.S. home uses a plunger as its first choice to unclog a drain. What if you don’t have a plunger to unclog your toilet? Here is a way of dislodging the obstruction without us using a plunger. Get the hottest water you can from the tap or boil a kettle of hot water. Pour it into the bowl until it’s filled. Then pour a generous portion of liquid soap down the drain – you can’t use too much. The hot water will aid in breaking down the clog, while the soap will aid in getting it moving once more. If all else fails, buy a plunger it cost less than ten bucks, and every household needs one.

Vinegar Is A Great Resource For Your Plumbing Maintenance Plan

If you shower long enough in California, you’re sure to have hard water mineral deposits on your showerheads. Your showerhead becomes become blocked with built-up calcium deposits over time. This can make it less effective or prevent it from working at all. Unscrew your shower head and immerse it in vinegar overnight to remove the mineral deposits. Then, use an old toothbrush or heavy brush to remove the leftover deposits from the showerhead. If this doesn’t do the trick, it may be time to get a new low-flow showerhead.

Vinegar for regular plumbing maintenance

 You Should flush your Water Heater Twice A Year

If you’re a homeowner and want to boost your plumbing system, then flush your water heater twice a year.  Mineral particles can build up in the bottom of the heater, causing it to work harder, so flushing it twice a year is recommended by plumbing professionals. It will extend its life expectancy and perform as expected or better for 10-12 years. What happens if you don’t? Hard water deposits form at the bottom of the tank causing the water to heat slower and work harder.

It will also produce banging noises when the water begins to heat up. In addition to flushing your water heater once a year, the anode rod should be replaced every five years as part of regular water heater maintenance. If you take proper care of your water heater, it may last longer than expected. 

 Check For Leaks Regularly

 If you want to save yourself from some real grief, then check your home for water leaks. Water loss due to unnoticed leaks can add up fast to your water bill.  Leaky faucets, running toilets, and even slab leaks can go unnoticed. Most leaks are easy to repair for any plumbing expert.  Old pipes are the direct cause of most plumbing leaks.   If you are experiencing plumbing leaks, it’s time to have your old pipes inspected. Some of the signs include low water pressure, noises coming from your pipes, and water leaks from your pipes. Any of these signs need to get addressed by a plumbing professional.

Inspect for Leaks Regularly Plumbing Maintenance

Leaky faucets and running toilets can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, fixing them is usually easy for any plumbing technician and can save any homeowner a bundle. Stay diligent about repairing them. 

Many causes of plumbing leaks, like corroded and rusted-out pipes, don’t happen at once. Regularly inspect any exposed pipes in your home for signs of damage or decay. Rust, warping, and hard water stains on the outside of your pipes indicate a problem that a qualified plumber should address.

Big B’s Plumbing Will Bring You Peace Of Mind

A little basic plumbing maintenance can go a long way toward preventing blockages, leaks, and water damage to your home. You’ll bring yourself even more peace of mind by having your plumbing system inspected by a Big B’s Plumbing professional. Our team of plumbing experts is ready on short notice. Whether you need a minor leak repaired or a full home repipe, whatever the case, we have you covered. 

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that it\’s important to check your home regularly for leaks. My husband and I have a well on our property, and we\’re really worried that there\’s a leak in it. It\’d be good to contact a plumber to have them inspect the well.

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