Intelligent Toilets

Are You Ready For Intelligent Toilets?

Yes, it’s true. We now have intelligent toilets, and why not? Everything else has the latest technology. According to Kohler, this is next-generation technology. Yet, we all seem to take our toilets for granted. For some, it’s a pit stop, but for others, it’s a time to relax. For myself, I can catch up on my latest sports team or National Geographic articles without interruption. Whatever the case, our toilet is probably the most used fixture in our home. 

What are Intelligent Toilets?

An intelligent toilet is also occasionally referred to as a smart bidet or a type of electronic bidet toilet combination. It provides conventional bidet washing for cleanliness, along with modern SMART home technology. New intelligent toilets combine electronic bidet washing features inside a ceramic toilet bowl for a low-profile and modern look. You can control intelligent bidet features through voice command, smartphone app, or remote control navigation, depending on the manufacturer, brand, and toilet model.

A Snippet Of Toilet History

Toilets previously were considered luxury items but now have been in use for well over a hundred years. However, rural communities didn’t have plumbing until the mid-1930s. In the past, you dug a hole, built a small room around it, and call it an outhouse. That was less than 100 years ago. Indeed, Sir John Harrington devised the first toilet apparatus in 1596, when he developed a flushing commode with an integrated cistern. Move forward to the 1980s, when intelligent toilets quickly acquired popularity in Japan.

Numi, Dubbed The World’s First Smart Toilet

Kohler introduced the Numi, dubbed the world’s first smart toilet, in 2011 at a staggering price tag for $6,400–––no wonder we never heard about it. Nevertheless, the Numi was innovative in that it allowed users to control ambient lighting, water temperature, and even listen to music via the built-in radio. As a result, numerous firms have now entered the race to build smart toilets, each with its own set of capabilities you didn’t know you wanted. For instance, the TOTO Neorest 700H will not only clean you but will also freshen the air. In addition, the KOHLER Veil’s bidet allows customers to adjust the water pressure and temperature to suit their own desires. However, when you approach the Ove Decors Tuva, you may adjust the seat temperature to your liking.

It’s A Bidet – Only The Name Has Changed

Now, most of us have heard of bidets, yet very few have ever used one. In fact, most Americans can’t wrap their minds around them. As a result, they never really found a place in the U.S., regardless of many attempts. Kohler and other makers have taken the same principles as a bidet, added many more features, and called it a “Cleansing Seat.” Let me make it clear, this toilet seat does much more than clean. From Intelligent Toilets to Cleansing Seats, it’s all about creating a better bathroom experience. They’re designed to fit most toilets and have features that belong in a luxury hotel. Below is the Kohler K-4709-0 C3 200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat. 

Veil Toilet Smart Plumbing System
  • Remote control
  • The in-line heater gives a continuous flow of heated water.
  • Front and rear wash modes for unsurpassed cleansing. 
  • Water temperature and pressure can be adjusted remotely. 
  • Presets store the separate control settings for two users.
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature settings
  • An LED nightlight will provide lighting to illuminate the bowl.
  • Warm-air drying system with adjustable airspeed and temperature
  • Deodorizer helps to minimize odors.
  • The lid closes quietly without slamming.
  • Grip-Tight bumpers add stability and prevent shifting.

This particular model can cost just over $1,200. Now, if you’re like me, the average “Joe,” you’ll have a hard time paying for a toilet seat that costs more than the toilet. But, with all that in mind, you can’t help but think of the time we spend on our toilets. Is the experience worth investing in?

Nothing Compares To TOTO’s Neorest Collection

TOTO has its version of the intelligent toilet; they call it the Neorest collection. Once you’ve experienced the everyday pleasure and sense of well-being that comes with TOTO’s Washlet technology, it would be physically impossible to go back to using toilet paper once you feel the clean.  The washlet technology guarantees a precise, pleasant, and air-rich stream of water and will keep you warm as well. The wand has self-cleaning properties for your peace of mind to maintain sanitary conditions. 

Mind-Blowing Features Of These Intelligent toilets

The lid will automatically open as the toilet is approached and closes when you depart, eliminating the need to touch the toilet surface. There is no need to touch buttons or knobs, and there is no need to stress about someone neglecting to flush after each use – flushing is automated after each use.  When approaching the toilet, the seat quickly heats up, offering a warm, comfy seat at all times. Highly efficient deodorization occurs automatically inside the toilet bowl during and shortly after use, leaving no unpleasant scents behind. Subdued illumination activates when you approach the toilet, ensuring that users are not awakened at night by a bright bathroom light.

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