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Summer is in full swing, and most of us can’t wait to light up the barbeque. For many of us, we’re tired of lugging around those propane tanks. Maybe you’ve decided to do that backyard makeover which includes a fire pit and barbeque. Like everyone, we all want to save a few bucks and do it ourselves. You may have spotted that outdoor kitchen that includes the barbecue at your local home center. By having a barbecue gas line installed, you’ll enjoy the benefits of never running out of gas. You can even appreciate that natural gas costs much less than propane and no more lugging around those bulky propane tanks. 

High angle view of a stylish outdoor kitchen on a brick patio with a built in gas barbecue,rug and dining table overlooking a green lawn and railing

Your Gas Line Needs A Permit

If you’re considering installing it yourself, reconsider. Anything that requires gas or electricity should be completed by a professional. Installing a gas barbecue requires a permit and has strict guidelines. The gas line construction must comply with all California, San Diego, and Riverside County building codes and requires two inspections. The State and County codes adopted in your area are for your safety and the safety of others. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’ve been successfully installing gas lines for close to a decade. 

A Gas Line Installation Isn’t Just For The Backyard

Many homeowners prefer natural gas appliances over electric. Appliances that use natural gas are generally higher quality and more efficient. For example, to create and provide the same amount of heat as a natural gas range, an electric range will consume three times as much energy. Gas water heaters will heat water nearly twice as fast as electric water heaters, and gas dryers save energy by drying clothes quicker when compared to electric heaters. When a homeowner remodels their kitchen and upgrades to new appliances, they will often consider retrofitting for natural gas.

Those Who Enjoy Cooking Prefer Gas

Those that enjoy cooking prefer natural gas over electric. A survey was given, asking homeowners if they prefer cooking on a gas or electric range. Seventy-three percent of those who responded to the survey said that they prefer their gas stove over electric and they were familiar with both. When they gave the same survey to chefs, the result was an overwhelming 96% prefererence to a gas stove. Some of the other benefits are gas stoves heat up much faster than electric. Some types of cookware were specifically designed for gas ranges. The benefits of natural gas far outweigh that of electricity. 

Adding A Gas Line For A Water Heater

If you’re considering adding a gas line to replace your electric heater, there are some things to consider. Overall, the monthly cost to operate a gas water heater costs much less than an electric heater. Water heating is the second greatest expense in the average household, accounting for 14-18% of monthly utility costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. While both heaters do the same thing, heat water for the home, switching from electric to gas is a significant expense, and you’ll need to weigh the costs. Every home is different, and each one has its own set of installation demands, so call for an estimate today.

You’ll Enjoy The Benefits Of Natural Gas

When you take the plunge to a natural gas grill, make sure you do your homework. Natural gas and propane are significantly different, so make sure you purchase the right grill. Some homeowners’ associations have their own set of guidelines. Remember, safety is #1 regardless of what type of barbecue you chose. The National Fire Protection Association has laid out some safety tips. 

  • Never move your grill indoors for any reason.
  • Keep your grill away from anything that could catch fire, including the deck, railing, and under eaves.
  • For obvious reasons, keep kids and pets at a safe distance from your grill.
  • Grease buildup can create a fire, so keep your grill clean.
  • When barbequing, never leave it unattended.
  • Always turn your gas supply line to ‘off’ when done.

Now, as summer starts heating up, enjoy a worry-free summer by having your gas line installed correctly for your new barbeque, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace. Maybe you want to reap the benefits of switching your appliances to natural gas. Whatever the case, we’re ready for the call!

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