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Buying An Older Home? Beware Of These Potential Plumbing Problems!

Are you in the market for a new home? Maybe you’re a first-time homebuyer, and the house you’re looking at is an older home. You need to beware of potential plumbing problems before signing on the dotted line. If you have any specific concerns, have a list of questions ready for your home inspector. There are a couple of primary areas that may require a more detailed inspection, and it may cost you slightly extra, but it could pay dividends in the future. 

If you purchase a house that’s had a home inspection and you find out a week later that you have a cracked sewer line, you have no recourse. Realistically, real estate agents and home inspectors want the best for their clients. But there are only humans, and they have been known to drop the ball. Potential homeowners need to step up in the home buying process with due diligence of their own. 

Call A Plumbing Expert To Identify Any Plumbing Problems

Have A Camera Inspection on Any Plumbing Problems In Your The Sewer Line

Your home inspectors will examine the major systems in a home, such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing system. With that said, an inspector will not complete a video inspection of your sewer line. Clay and cast iron sewer lines will likely be present in an older home. Know that, on average, they have a 50- 60 year life expectancy. However, much of that will depend on their surroundings. Landscaping, shifting soil, and the quality of the original pipe will have a big impact on the longevity of any sewer line, especially when it comes to clay and galvanized pipes. If you’re purchasing an older, say over 30 years old, it might be best to have a camera inspection of your sewer line. 

Camera Inspection To Avoid Plumbing Problems

Galvanized Steel Pipes That Are Over 60 Years Old Need Replacing

Remember that steel galvanized sewer lines were the pipe of choice up through the 1960s. After that, copper pipes were introduced and quickly became the go-to pipe for all home construction. So when purchasing your dream home, have your inspector call for a thorough camera inspection checking the pipes for rust, mineral deposits, cracks in the pipe, and root intrusions, even if you have to pay extra. Another thing we have learned about galvanized steel is it tends to erode over decades from the inside out. Much of that is due to California’s poor water quality. No one wants to have regrets when purchasing a new home, so have your sewer line thoroughly inspected. 

If the home you’re purchasing has either galvanized steel or clay pipes, then use it as a negotiating tool because the line will need replacing sooner rather than later. The plumbing experts at Big B’s Plumbing have good options for replacing an old sewer line without causing collateral damage to your landscaping. The procedure is called trenchless sewer line repair.    

You Don’t Want To Replace Your Water Heater Shortly After You Move In

Your water heater has a 10 to 15-year life span. In most cases, your home inspector, along with a plumbing professional, can tell you how old your water heater is, based on the model and serial number. If the heater is still working, but it’s still within that 8-15-year range, the sellers might be willing to allow for some compensation. In addition, the inspector can tell if the water storage tank has been maintained by draining the tank. If there are significant signs of mineral deposits, the homeowner has neglected the water heater’s maintenance.

Shut-Off Valves Could Be The Source Of Significant Plumbing Problems

Other plumbing problems to look for when purchasing an old home are corroded shut-off valves in your kitchen and bathrooms. Once you shut them off, they stay in the same position for many years; and in some instances, they begin to leak when you turn them. According to experts, bathroom and kitchen compression shut-off valves should get replaced once every 8-10 years. Your home shut-off valve should get inspected as well. It is also known to become rusty and stick. Please, when purchasing a new home, check with your plumbing professional to identify any potential plumbing problems.   

Have No Regrets When Purchasing A New Home

No one wants to move into a new house only to find things wrong with the plumbing system. Our plumbing system is an intricate part of our home’s function. A broken sewer line, rusted galvanized pipes, or home purchase, call Big B’s Plumbing today. License #986152

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