Cast Iron Sewer Pipes Don’t Need Replacing

Before someone tells you that you need a new sewer system, get a second opinion. Chances are if you have a house that was built in the mid-1970s or before then your sewer line is cast iron or at least part of it is. Cast iron sewer pipes have a life expectancy of 50 to 75 years and in some instances, much longer. Unlike an appliance where you may want to get the newest energy-saving version, you should not replace your sewer line if it’s still in good working order. That’s like flushing hard-earned money down the drain!

Your Sewer System Becomes A Catch-All For Debris

Unlike PVC sewer systems, old cast iron pipes will begin to get deposits on the lining of the pipe walls; the process is called tuberculation. Tuberculation is the formation and evolution of small mounds of rust on the lining of the sewer pipes wall. The built-up rust mounds are called tubercles. As time goes on, the piles increase in size, causing resistance in water flow. After 25 – 30 years, tubercle deposits can take over 25 percent of the cast iron pipe. They become a catch-all for debris that’s flushed down the toilet, eventually leading to a clogged drain. If the tuberculation is not addressed, then your sewer pipe will continue to back up.

cast Iron Sewer Pipes

Plumbing Companies Would Prefer To Replace Your Sewer

In most cases, your plumbing technician will come to your home to unclog your pipe and be on their way. If your home is older than 25 years old and you have already experienced a clogged sewer system, then ask your plumbing professional for a camera inspection of your line. This is where a homeowner should use caution because many plumbers and plumbing companies would prefer to replace your sewer system than repair the one you have. Additionally, some don’t even know how to remove tubercles from your pipes, and to remove them costs much less than replacing your sewer line.

See What Legendary Value And Service Is All About

Descaling the small piles of rust requires special equipment and know-how. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have the specialized equipment to descale your pipes and send the debris down the drain. If a plumbing contractor is telling you that your sewer system needs replacing because your sewer pipe has mounds of rust built up on the lining of your sewer line, then get a second opinion. Call Big B’s Plumbing today, and you’ll see what legendary value and service is all about.

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