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Common Solutions To A Water Heater that’s On The Way Out

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Most individuals don’t give much thought to their water heater until it breaks and your home gets left without hot water. Then all he** breaks loose. Hot water is more about everyday living than we tend to think.  Every home needs a water heater and you should maintain it in excellent working order to extend its lifespan. We’ll talk about the typical problems that necessitate replacement in this blog article and when it’s time to replace your heater. Additionally, we will advise you on selecting the finest heater for your requirements.

Get The Most Out Of Your Water Heater By Providing Annual Maintenance

Typically water heaters will last between 8 and 12 years. The need for routine maintenance for your heater is critical to get the most out of it. You can prevent many common problems and increase your heater’s lifespan by servicing it annually. However, if the heater is not properly maintained, the life expectancy will be reduced. Water heaters are susceptible to a number of frequent problems that may require replacement before it reaches the end of their useful life.

Rusty Hot Water Heater / Water Leaks

What Are Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Replacing? 

There are a number of indicators that your water heater needs replacing. Any issues mentioned below should prompt you to contact a plumbing specialist to review your option.

 A Leaking Water Storage Tank

Water leaks stemming from your heater are one of the most frequent problems people have with their water heaters. This strongly indicates that your heater needs replacing, especially if the storage tank leaks. Water heaters are made to survive for many years, but eventually, they may start to deteriorate and start leaking. Therefore, responding quickly is crucial if you discover any water leaks. If you don’t, you can find yourself dealing with far more serious issues such as water damage.  

Rust Will Eventually Lead To Tank Failure

If your heater gets exposed to rust, it’s best to replace it sooner rather than later. The internal part of the tank erodes quickly when there is rust, and ultimately the overall tank will fail. Also, a breakdown of your water heater is an annoyance that leaves a family without hot water for a time. When you know your heater is old and on its way out, it is the best time to have it replaced. A planned water heater installation takes approximately three to four hours versus a day or two for a plumber to come out.

Your Water Heater

Loud Sound Noises Are Coming From My Water Heater

The sound you’re hearing is from sediment built-up in the bottom of the tank, which is the most common cause of unusual noises coming from your heater.  Water heaters frequently experience sediment build-up, which results in noises coming from the heater. It’s also responsible for decreased performance and even failure. Minerals from the hard water tend to accumulate over time, forming an accumulation of hard water minerals at the tank’s bottom. This crust of minerals can sit at the bottom of the tank and cause your water heater to work overtime. The sediment can potentially result in corrosion and leaks if left unchecked. If your water heater is producing noises, have it checked by a plumbing expert. However, the noise indicates that it’s time to replace the heater.

Age of your Water Heater and Rising Energy Costs

It’s a fact that our energy costs are rising, and one way to reduce those costs is to install a new heater, especially if your water heater is an older model. The newer, more energy-efficient models can save as much as 34% in energy costs over heaters manufactured ten years ago.  In fact, one of the most frequent causes for replacing a water heater is that it is no longer as effective as it once was. Even if you haven’t altered your energy consumption patterns and your energy costs have been rising continuously, a new energy-saving heater might be worth looking into.  

Your Water Heater – Repairing Or Replacing

 A key component of your home’s plumbing system is the water heater. Most homeowners become puzzled when they need to decide on the wisest course of action when it quits operating. However, it’s crucial to take into account the following elements:

Your water heater’s age: If the lifespan of your heater has passed and you’re faced with some warning signs, it’s definitely time to begin looking into replacing it. When it begins to age, you may begin to experience typical problems like water leaking or perhaps a full breakdown.

The seriousness of the problem: It could be more sensible to fix the water heater if the issue can be easily fixed, such as replacing a damaged part. However, upgrading the complete unit is usually better if the problem is more significant, such as a rusted tank.

Repair expenses: In certain instances, repairing a heater may be more expensive than just replacing it. It is advisable to replace the equipment if the repairs are extensive or you lack the technical know-how to do them yourself. Additionally, other issues can keep arising, making long-term repairs a waste of money.

Your New Water Heater

Options For Changing Your Water Heater

Once you’ve decided to replace the heater, you must select the ideal model for your residence. There are several varieties of water heaters in the marketplace, and each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. It’s important to do your research and make a wise purchase. At Big B’s Plumbing, we recommend Bradford & White for storage tank heaters and Navien on-demand tankless heaters.  

Efficiency in Energy: Energy efficiency is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when upgrading a water heater. It’s critical to select a heater that will enable you to reduce your recurring energy costs because older water heaters are sometimes far less efficient than newer versions.

Capacity: One of the most crucial aspects you must take into account when replacing your heater is capacity. For example,  ordering a heater that does not fulfill the family’s hot water needs will certainly come back to bite you. Be sure to consult your plumbing technician on how to choose the right size water heater for your family. A specialist can advise you on your household’s optimal size water heater.

Space For Your Heater: It’s essential to select a water heater that will comfortably fit in your house because they come in various sizes and forms. You should use a smaller heater if your space is limited. You may want to consider a tankless heater since they only take up a fraction of the space a storage tank heater uses. However, a tankless heater might also be the greatest choice for bigger homes. While they are energy efficient, provide water on demand, and take up less room, they cost much more to install. 

Exceeding Expectations Is Always Our Goal

While replacing your heater might seem like an undertaking, it will be well worth the effort. It could be necessary to replace your water heater if you are dealing with any of the frequent problems we mentioned or if it’s getting up in age. We would be pleased to assist you in determining your needs and making a recommendation. Book an appointment today with one of our Big B’s Plumbing experts. It’s always our goal to exceed your expectations and become “Your Plumber For Life.” 

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  1. Last week, I started noticing pools of water under our water tank, so I’m worried about what they’d mean. I’m glad you explained that a storage tank that leaks needs to be replaced, so I think I’ll start looking for a plumber to help me install a new one. Thanks for the advice on replacing a water heater on time to avoid water damage.

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