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Does My Home Warranty Include Coverage for Plumbing Repairs?

Many of you reading this article seek information about home warranties, particularly your home warranty coverage. A primary concern that often arises is whether plumbing repairs fall within the scope of your home warranty. For those of you with the time and interest, we encourage you to continue reading to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuances associated with home warranty service policies.

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How Do Home Warranties and Homeowner’s Insurance Differ?

A home warranty and homeowner’s insurance are distinct forms of protection, each designed to serve specific roles. A home warranty constitutes a service agreement encompassing repairing or replacing essential household systems and appliances that malfunction due to regular wear and tear. These warranties commonly extend to heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, plumbing, and kitchen appliances. In the event of a covered item experiencing a breakdown, the homeowner reaches out to the warranty provider, who then dispatches a qualified contractor to assess the problem and effect the necessary repair or replacement. Home warranties typically involve annual fees and service charges for each repair request.

Homeowner’s Insurance Offers Protection to Your Home’s Structure

Conversely, homeowner’s insurance safeguards your home’s physical structure and possessions in the face of unforeseen occurrences like theft, fires, or weather-related damage. These insurance policies offer protection against a broad spectrum of incidents, containing harm to your residence, personal liability, and additional living expenses if you incur extra costs for accommodation if your home becomes unlivable due to a covered event. Generally, homeowner’s insurance policies entail a deductible, which the homeowner must cover before the insurance benefits come into effect.

A home warranty addresses repairing or replacing designated household systems and appliances affected by regular wear and tear. In comparison, homeowner’s insurance protects your home’s physical structure and possessions when incidents like theft, fire, or weather-related damage occur.

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Exploring the Items Covered by a Home Warranty

A typical home warranty covers various plumbing system components and repairs resulting from regular wear and tear. Within the plumbing system, it often includes coverage for items such as water heaters, air conditioners, washers, and dryers, as well as handling issues like leaks and breaks in water, gas, and drain lines, general plumbing repairs, garbage disposals, sump pumps, sewage ejector pumps, stoppages, and clogs in plumbing lines. It also extends to components like built-in bathtub whirlpool motors, pumps, air switches, pressure regulators, and valves and risers for sprinkler systems. However, remember that the specific coverage can differ based on your chosen provider and plan, so carefully reviewing your contract is advisable to understand the extent of coverage. Additionally, most home warranties entail a service call fee or deductible, representing the out-of-pocket expense you’ll need to cover for each service call.

Perks of Home Warranty Coverage

Home warranties come with various benefits that can significantly benefit homeowners. 

Peace of Mind

One of the primary advantages of a home warranty is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that you have a plan to cover unexpected repairs or replacements can alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies homeownership. Whether it’s a malfunctioning heating system, a faulty electrical component, or a kitchen appliance breakdown, a home warranty can reassure you that it will address these issues promptly and professionally.

Cost Savings

Another notable advantage of home warranties is the potential for cost savings. Home repairs and replacements can be quite expensive, and a home warranty can help homeowners save money by covering some of these costs. Instead of bearing the full financial burden of repairing or replacing major systems and appliances, homeowners with warranties can rely on their coverage to mitigate these expenses, making a significant difference in their budget.


Convenience is yet another benefit of having a home warranty. Frequently, these warranties act as a convenient single-source solution for home repair and replacement needs, sparing homeowners the effort of having to find a contractor independently. When an issue arises, homeowners can contact their warranty provider, who will arrange for a licensed contractor to diagnose and resolve the problem. This streamlined process saves time and effort and ensures that qualified professionals carry out the necessary repairs.

The Downsides of Home Warranties

Despite their benefits, home warranties also come with some drawbacks:

Limited coverage

One of the most common downsides of home warranties is their limited coverage. The warranty may not include certain items or systems; even those covered might have specific exclusions or limitations. It could be more pleasant for homeowners who expect comprehensive protection.

Service fees

Home warranties often involve service call fees, which homeowners must pay each time they request a repair or replacement. These fees can add up, making the warranty cost less attractive, especially if multiple issues arise in a short period.

Contract terms

Complex terms and conditions can fill home warranty contracts. Homeowners must thoroughly read and understand these agreements to know what is and isn’t covered. Negligence can lead to disputes and misunderstandings regarding utilizing the warranty.

Pre-existing conditions

Most home warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions or known issues with your home’s systems or appliances. If a problem existed before you purchased the warranty, it’s unlikely to be covered, which can be disappointing if you were hoping for assistance with such issues.

Examine Your Policy Thoroughly

Thoroughly review and comprehend the specifics of your home warranty to avoid being left in a lurch in case an issue arises. Moreover, each contract is unique, featuring distinct requirements and coverage terms. To illustrate, many are familiar with extended car warranties, often sought after when purchasing a used vehicle to mitigate unforeseen repair costs due to uncertain prior ownership and maintenance history. Likewise, individuals can invest in a home warranty or service contract, which safeguards against costly, unexpected system failures, appliance malfunctions, and other home-related issues that may emerge.

Your Home Warranty Must Include Plumbing Repair Coverage

Home warranty coverage varies from home insurance coverage, as previously explained. Similar to car or health insurance, policyholders have the flexibility to choose from a range of plans with corresponding rates tailored to their desired level of coverage. The key advantage is that homeowners can personalize their policies based on their needs and financial constraints. Typically, a home warranty includes your plumbing system’s essential components and elements. However, for precise information on the specific plumbing repairs and parts covered, it’s advisable to consult your service contract.

Verify the Plumber’s Legitimacy

An equally crucial point is ensuring your chosen plumber can coordinate with your home warranty provider. Just picture this scenario: you’ve meticulously reviewed your service contract and have complete assurance that plumbing repairs are part of the coverage. But then, you discover that the plumber you hired won’t receive payment from your home warranty policy because they aren’t among the approved companies listed by the provider.

Why Cutting Corners with Unapproved Contractors Can Cost You Big

The potential consequences of not using an approved contractor can be multifaceted and have far-reaching implications. However, depending on the project context or service involved, subpar work quality is one of the most immediate risks. Approved contractors undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure their competence, adherence to industry standards, and compliance with safety regulations. Choosing an unapproved or unqualified contractor may result in shoddy work, safety hazards, and substandard results. It can also lead to costly rework, property damage, or even personal injury.

Furthermore, not using an approved contractor can have legal and financial repercussions. Many industries and regulatory bodies require approved contractors to maintain specific licenses, certifications, and insurance coverage. If someone trusts an unapproved contractor, it can lead to legal disputes, penalties, or voided warranties, potentially exposing the client. The project owners may also expose themselves to financial liabilities. Additionally, the lack of a contractual relationship with an approved contractor may mean a lack of recourse in disputes or unsatisfactory work, leaving clients vulnerable.

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Your Roadmap to a Reliable Plumbing Service Provide

Consider several key factors when searching for an approved and reputable plumbing service to ensure you receive quality and reliable plumbing assistance. Firstly, check for the necessary licenses and certifications. A reputable plumbing service should be licensed and insured, demonstrating their commitment to professionalism and accountability. Reviews and ratings posted online on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp can also provide valuable insights into the reputation of a plumbing company. Furthermore, obtaining multiple quotes to compare pricing and services is advisable, ensuring that you’re not overpaying for the job. 

Seamless Collaboration: BIG B’s and Home Warranty Companies

You can rest assured with BIG B’s Plumbing. We have experience collaborating with various home warranty providers and will guide you through the process as necessary. We handle communication with your home warranty company, sparing you the hassle. We’re proud to be approved by most home warranty companies for all your plumbing needs. Feel free to browse our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business – we consistently exceed expectations.

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