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Early Slab Leak Detection Will Save Your Home From Major Damage

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Every homeowner should have a pulse on the interworkings of their home. They should know, on average, how much water their home uses. They should be able to sense when something is not right when it comes to home water usage. It could be a high water bill, low water pressure, or an unusual hissing sound. Whatever the case, watch for the unusual in your home.

The underlying cause of a slab leak may take months to materialize or diagnose. As a result, there are usually several wasted opportunities for early detection lurking behind every slab leak. However, detecting a slab leak early enough will protect your property from significant damage. Big B’s Plumbing is the Inland Empires’ #1 slab leak repair company. 

Did You Know That 10% Of The Homes In The U.S. Have A Water Leak?

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that 10% of the homes in the U.S. have a water leak of some kind? A complete checkup should be performed every 12 months, according to experts. Even still, homeowners can run their own inspection every few months. They can do this by turning off all the water in their home and checking your water meter to see if the round or triangle leak indicator dial is moving. If all the water is off and the dial is moving, your home has a water leak. After that, you can start looking for evidence of a slab leak. However, if you cannot see any evidence, then there is a good chance you have a water leak. 

Although the early diagnosis of virtually all plumbing issues is the best, we always suggest searching for potential indicators. Here are several ways you can protect your house from slab leaks early on is possible.

What Is A Slab Leak?

When the area in the plumbing system beneath the foundation in your home begins leaking, a slab leak develops. Because such a leak is not only challenging to discover but also challenging to access, this frequently presents a serious problem. Reaching the broken water pipe or sewer main is more challenging than fixing the leak itself. Once you’ve found the leak, you’ll need to perform the necessary repairs. This will require a slab leak detection and repair professional from Big B’s Plumbing. 

Benefits Of Early Slab Leak Detection Increases Safety

One of the main problems with slab leaks is they may go unnoticed until they’ve caused significant damage. You can avoid accidents by finding a slab leak as soon as possible. The worst-case scenario is you are removed from your home, and the water rises through the foundation, causing flood damage. Dealing with flood damage is challenging. You must remove the water, sterilize the area, and look for structural damage. It might even require bringing in a flood removal company. By identifying the slab leak as soon as you can, you may prevent these issues. Call us if you need answers in detecting a slab leak. 

Cut Down on Structural Damage

Slab leaks are notorious for causing structural damage to your home. Structural damage includes damage to your walls and all types of flooring. Additionally, it can cause your home to develop mold; in fact, the mold may present itself before you see signs of water. Another sign that your slab might leak is a musty smell coming from your carpet. If you pull back the carpet, don’t be surprised if you encounter mold. 

Slab Leak Detection An Repair

Mold Issues Are Common With Slab Leaks

If left undetected, mold will start growing to grow. It usually starts around baseboards and the lower half of your drywall. Although it will depend on where the leak is located; for example, if the leak is in the garage, then you might see mold on the walls and a dark patch on the floor. The dark patch on the floor is the water rising to the surface. You could even see puddles of water around your home. Slab leaks send out more than enough moisture, and it can grow everywhere whenever there is adequate moisture. Mold issues are well-known. It may grow exponentially and could start developing in 24 to 48 hours. 

Leak Detectors Will Get Installed On Your Pipes and Will Warn You Of A Potential Water Leak

Slab leaks are impossible to predict. However, there are products on the market that are relatively new that can warn you if you have any kind of water leak in your home. Like most products, some are very affordable while others can get a little pricey. These leak detectors attach to the incoming water line, so it’s best to have them professionally installed. In addition, they have an app that gets installed on your Smartphone that will warn you of a water leak, should one occur. Flo by Moen, Honeywell, and Zircon are just a few of the makers. 

Slab Leak Detection And Repair

Fix Your Leak And Lower Your Water Costs

Your water bill is the biggest red flag that can signal you of the possibility of a slab leak. If not detected early enough, your household could potentially lose thousands of gallons of water in a short time. And everyone knows about the demands we have with our water in California. Repair your slab leak, and there will be a noticeable positive difference in your water bill.

Why Do They Start?

Slab leaks are common in regions where the earth is unstable. For example, a pinhole leak could form when a tiny pebble presses against a pipe for many years. Sometimes, the result is from a malfunctioning plumbing system in your home. Faulty construction, weak water lines, chemical interactions between earth’s metals and poor water quality, and shifting soil beneath the slab might all be to blame for the disaster.

Let’s recap: 

  • Slab leaks happen without notice.
  • A musty odor is another sign.
  • The sound of hissing water – another sign
  • Mold growth under your carpet and along your baseboards
  • Floor with standing water 
  • A dark patch on your garage floor
  • Puddling around your home
  • Wet carpet
  • Buckling wood and laminate floor 
  • Increased water bills

You’ll need to contact an experienced slab leak detection company if any of these signs are present. Our team of professionals at Big B’s Plumbing is equipped with the latest tools and equipment. We also use the latest leak detection technologies to identify slab leaks accurately. 

Professional Solutions For Slab Leak Issues

You can solve slab leak issues in several ways. But rerouting is our first choice. Our technicians will design a new water supply route. Therefore, the damaged pipe is no longer used, and a new pipe gets rerouted. It is a non-intrusive technique that’s usually the best option. We will typically stop using the underground line, and a new line will get rerouted through the ceiling or attic.

Trenching: Experts will excavate a trench to reach the damaged pipe. Your indoor flooring won’t be harmed in the slightest by this strategy. Even though it takes some time, it is worthwhile if you have pricey flooring.

On-the-Spot Repair: This is the simplest type of repair. If you find the region of the leaking pipe, remove some slabs to get access, and fix the leak—the most invasive treatment, but occasionally the only one available when all other choices are exhausted.

Remember: Know your average water bill; if it is more than normal, check for a water leak in your meter as described above. Run annual checks for leaks in your home. The EPA says 10% of the homes in the U.S. have a water leak, and they don’t know it. Have a leak detector installed on your incoming water line and get a warning right on your Smartphone if your home has a water leak.  

Slab Leak Detection Service with Big B’s Plumbing

Big B’s Plumbing offers a specialized crew of slab leak specialists in Murrieta, Temecula, and the Inland Empire. Call our emergency team for prompt early discovery of slab leaks if you have even the smallest uncertainty. 

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