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Emergency Plumber Near Me

For every individual homeowner, a plumbing emergency means something different. For some, a water heater that’s no longer producing hot water is a plumbing emergency, while others are willing to wait for service the next day. Even a backed-up toilet can be a 911 emergency for some, so in short, a plumbing emergency is relative to who calls. At Big B’s Plumbing, we let the customer decide if their situation needs an emergency plumber. No one ever wants to be inconvenienced with a plumbing problem, nor do we want it to linger. We make every attempt to treat each job as though it is urgent. Our emergency services and fast response times are something we take great pride in. When you need an emergency plumber, Big B’s Plumbing is a call away License #986152.

Emergency plumber

What Are Some Plumbing Emergencies

Without a doubt, if you have water present on any floor from an unknown source, call your emergency plumber right away. If you know where the water shut off valve is in your home, shut it off until your plumber arrives to diagnose the problem. If the leak is downstairs, it could be coming from your slab or a broken pipe. Whatever the case, turn off the water to minimize the damage.

A Broken Water Heater

Let’s face it, as bad as this might sound, most of us can not go a day without hot water. The thought of getting up to a cold shower just doesn’t fly with most people.  Big B’s Plumbing understands that entirely, so give us a call. You might think the water heater needs replacing, but maybe we can repair it for a lot less.

Backed Up Sewer Line

You need to address a backed-up sewer line immediately, especially if raw sewage has backed up in your home. Any plumbing issue that’s also a health issue should be dealt with ASAP. Without question, this requires an emergency plumber equipped with the latest technologies. For example, if the backed-up line cannot be opened using a plumber’s snake, then a hydro jetter is brought in to clear the clog.

A Broken Faucet That Won’t Shut Off

If you have a faucet that won’t shut off, then turn the water off and call your emergency plumber. There are a few reasons for a spinning knob, and your plumber will know how to approach each one. Chances are you’re going to need a new faucet.

I’m Smelling Rotten Eggs

While the rotten egg smell can come from several things, the most common one is natural gas or propane. It’s best not to take any chances when dealing with the smell. Remove yourself from your home and call your local utility company or fire department. As a side note, the gas companies inject the gas with a chemical called mercaptan, which gives it that rotten egg smell. The sole purpose is to alert the residence of a gas leak; otherwise, natural gas and propane are odorless.

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