Fast Track To Water Leak Detection

Fast-Track To Your Water Leak Detection

There are mainly two areas where water leaks occur in your home. First, you could have a water leak in your incoming water supply line. Next, you could experience a water leak from your wastewater sewer line. Water leak detection comes in all shapes and sizes, and each leak is unique and requires its own leak detection equipment. Although, you can easily spot some water leaks without any equipment because you see off-colored or bulging drywall or water spots on a ceiling. Others are spotted when your tiles or laminate flooring starts to buckle. Finally, you might see puddling in your yard or around your home if it’s a wastewater leak.    

Hire A Water Leak Detection Specialist

Why use a Leak Detection Service? So many of us go through our daily routine, never expecting any surprises. But, unfortunately, some surprises creep up on us without notice. For instance, we may never know we have a pipe leak until we get that outrageous water bill. Sometimes, we still don’t think anything is wrong until we get that second and third bill. Not much later, it becomes a wake-up call. 

So we decide to call our plumbing company for an assessment. First, your plumber will start the process of determining whether or not you have a water leak. They then isolate the problem between the irrigation and the home. Next, the plumbing technician thoroughly searches around the house to check for puddling. Once your plumbing technician can locate the leak, they can begin repairing the compromised area. 

Water Leak Detection Will save You Water And Money

The leak inspection will include:

  • Your plumber will work with the homeowner to ensure all the water in the home is off.
  • Then they will access the water meter and check to see if the leak indicator wheel is spinning. 
  • If it is spinning with all the water turned off, then there is a leak.
  • Next, your plumber will locate the irrigation valve and turn it off. If the leak indicator wheel is still spinning while the irrigation valve is off, you have a water leak in your irrigation. However, if it stops spinning with the irrigation valve closed, your leak is in your home.

Your Technician Will Complete A Camera Inspection Of Your Sewer Line

If there is puddling around your home or even a predominantly green area of grass, chances are you have a water leak coming from your wastewater sewer line. In most cases, your technician will complete a camera inspection of your sewer line. This unique video camera is waterproof and very easy to maneuver. First, the flexible line gets inserted into the pipe. The small, sleek, flexible video camera allows your plumber to navigate through your pipes easily. In addition, your plumbing technician has a monitor where they can see firsthand what’s taking place in your pipes. Without fail, the video camera is designed to navigate through the tightest corners. In most cases, finding a leak is a snap.

water leak detection

Video Leak Detection Is a Massive Breakthrough

Your water leak detection camera works wonders in our sewer line. First, the camera can inspect a sewer line for roots, cracks, and other breaches. Another benefit is that it can pinpoint the exact location of the problem. When the camera became available for pipes, it was a massive breakthrough in plumbing technology. It took the guesswork out of discovering leaks and other obstructions. For example, you can now see firsthand if the problem is caused by roots, debris, shifting soil, or a bellied or cracked pipe. All of which would require a different approach to repair. 

If Your Home Has A Leak And It’s Not Visible, It’s Probably A Slab Leak

Suppose the leak is in the home and is not visible. Chances are your home has a slab leak. Your technician will start by running a ground-level inspection. They’ll start by inspecting for wet areas on the carpet, damaged or discolored flooring, dark areas on your garage floor, and even puddling around your home, which could all be a sign of a slab leak. To locate the water leak, electronic amplification equipment gets brought in to pinpoint its location. This is a technical term for listening devices. These sound sensors detect a slab leak. They’re also built to pick up hissing, or rushing water sounds even through thick layers of hardscape. A regular stethoscope won’t work for this. The multi-sensor ground microphone is a frequently used tool to detect a slab leak.

Electronic Amplification Equipment Is One Way Of Detecting A Leak

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that sounds can often be the determining factor while attempting to locate a plumbing leak. For example, as water passes through our pipe’s plumbing system and a faucet gets turned on, it will produce a very obvious sound of a faucet being turned on. It doesn’t matter how small the leak is—even a pinhole-sized leak gives off a sound whenever water escapes from your pipes.

We Can Detect A Pinhole Size Leak

We employ sophisticated technology to detect the sounds of escaping water because a minor leak will clearly not make the same sound as an open faucet. In addition, electronic amplification equipment can apply to many plumbing issues, including concrete slabs and main water lines. Therefore, leaks can get found using electronic amplification equipment as long as you can isolate the problem within your plumbing system and it can be pressure tested. Naturally, less damage will occur if we can precisely locate the leak. In addition, accurately locating the leak will cost less time and money. 

The two most important factors in performing the work accurately are training and experience. For this kind of work, don’t just call any plumbing company. Call the experts at Big B’s Plumbing.

We Have The Latest Technology

At Big B’s Plumbing, we have a water leak detection specialist for your home. We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding a water leak. We come equipped with the latest technology because we know that time is money. We believe that quickly finding and resolving a plumbing problem will bring our customers the best value.

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