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What’s the straight scoop on water heaters? We’ve all heard the passage, “The truth will set you free.” Whether we know it or not, we’re all in search of the truth, and that holds true for everything we purchase. Some homeowners want a good warranty. Others might be in pursuit of a new tankless on-demand heater. 

You might be the homeowner willing to take a few cold showers until they get the right heater, while others would consider it a plumbing emergency and want it changed now. Regardless, we all have one thing in common. We all want a quality water heater and excellent installation for a good value. For some, it’s solely about cost; for others, the price is no concern. Most of us check reviews on a product or service to make sure it matches our budget–––then we buy it. 

Best Reviews Don’t Mean You’re Getting The Best

When searching online for “best water heater reviews,” we get advertisers connecting you to companies that may not sell water heaters at all. They probably don’t know the first thing about water heaters. They’re savvy advertisers that get paid to direct consumers to their website to make a purchase. They may say, “best water heater reviews,” but they are not actual reviews. For example, I typed in “best water heater reviews” and clicked on “best water heaters for residential use.” It took me to the website Water Heater Hub. I clicked on the first search, and it took me to Amazon.com. For that one click on Amazon.com, the advertiser gets paid, whether they purchase or not, and the consumer never gets what they wanted.

Water Heater Reviews

Look For Companies That Stand Behind There Products

Remember, the best reviews are no reviews at all. However, it would be Amazon if I had to rely on one place for a decent review. No company that takes reviews is perfect. The fact is, companies can actually purchase reviews online, and companies like Yelp, Facebook, or Google business are also reliable and have some safeguards. Keep in mind, they are not full-proof. This is the other issue with reviews. Most people post a bad review before posting a good one. Companies with hundreds of reviews ask their customer, whether through email or text, for a review. Do you think they will ask a customer for a review if the customer had a bad experience?–––probably not! 

Product Reviews Are Different From Service Reviews

With that said, reviews are not foolproof, especially when purchasing a product and not a service. How does that affect the purchase of a water heater? A product review is much different than a service review. For example, a product could be in your garage for years before something breaks down. However, most homeowners wouldn’t want to post a review 3, 4, or 5 years later if something were to go wrong. Let’s face it, some appliances will always have defects no matter what product you purchase. Look for companies that stand behind their products. 

What To Consider When Making A Water Heater Purchase?

#1 Never panic and make a compulsive decision to make a purchase. No one ever wants to go without hot water. In fact, for most of us, it’s part of our quality of life. However, there have been so many advancements in water heater design and technologies that a quick purchase without doing your homework might give you buyer’s remorse.  

#2 Have a budget in mind when making a purchase and be slightly flexible because you’ll likely have the heater in your garage for the next 10 to 12 years. So buy the one you have your heart set on but only after all your research.

#3 Do you want that tankless on-demand heater you always had your eyes set on, or are you still ok with the storage tank heater? Either way, tankless heaters have some awesome features, such as on-demand hot water, and are more energy-efficient. With all the features, your installation is two or three times as much as a conventional heater. Consider your new tankless on-demand heater a luxury.

#4 When we think of technology, we might think of tablets and smartphones. Think again! Some of our latest water heaters come with maintenance-free technology. Before making a purchase, please consult with a plumbing specialist and ask for their input. Ask if they have brochures on the heater they recommend, then compare them with others. Again remember you will have your heater for several years; make sure you buy one that fits your family’s demands and has the bells and whistles you always desired but never knew about. 

#5 Consider a water heater purchase a 24 to 72-hour process. Check reviews, talk to family and friends, ask the advice of a plumbing professional, and read and compare heaters. Taking the extra time before making a purchase will give you peace of mind for years to come.

Consumer Reports Are Not 100% Reliable

Consumer Reports usually have the best data, but they have paid advertisers like Amazon. One complaint about Consumer Report is that there is no performance data on the water heaters it is reviewing. Another problem with the water heater companies is their ability to respond quickly to complaints. We found that some companies take a week or more to respond, and no one wants to go a week without hot water. Since our water heater lasts 10 to 12 years, you won’t find people writing reviews about them. They may write a review about the installation but not on the water heater unless something goes wrong. 

Bradford White Is A Recommended Brand

If you purchase a water heater from your plumbing company and something goes wrong, your plumbing company should handle the problem promptly. Your many local plumbing companies sell, distribute, and service Bradford White water heaters. They’re made in the USA and come highly recommended by plumbing professionals. If something were to go wrong with your Bradford White heater, you could expect prompt service. A.O. Smith, Rheem, Rinnai, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and EcoSmart are all brands that provide quality water heaters. When you need the advice of a professional plumbing company, call Big B’s Plumbing today.

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