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Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we’ve all have come to rely on a plumbing company at some point. Our food service industry must depend heavily on an efficient plumbing system for daily operations. Older buildings that have old plumbing systems face many plumbing challenges. For example, keeping waste water flowing properly can require a scheduled sewer line cleaning service from an experienced commercial plumbing company. Like all other industries, plumbing companies have seen advancements in technology, including drain cleaning equipment. In the past, your plumber would use an auger, commonly known as a plumber’s snake. But now your plumber can provide its customer new options for clearing a drain, such as Hydro Jetting. 

The Plumber’s Snake Is Still The Go-To Tool For Drain Cleaning

Your plumber’s snake is constructed from a coiled (helix-shaped) metal wire with a larger space between the coils at the end of the terminal. The technician rotates the helix so that it travels down the pipes using a crank.

If a blockage gets created by a solid shreddable object, such as tree roots, the plumber’s snake may be able to dislodge it sufficiently to allow water to flow. In some cases, the auger may snag or corkscrew a small, lightweight obstacle, allowing the operator to draw it away. Then, while the auger turns, it flails against the pipe’s internal walls, scraping away minerals and oils as well.

The Hand Snake Is Perfect For Sinks and Bathtubs

Hand snakes are beneficial for cleaning sink drains and bathtubs. However, we do not recommend them for toilets due to the possibility of the wire damaging the bowl; moreover, toilets have rather wide drainpipes which the thin snake might become tangled. There are many hand augers for your plumber to choose from: hand-crank, electric, or battery-powered. Additionally, they are an excellent tool to have around the house.

Plumber's snake

The Closet Auger Is For Toilets Only

The closet auger is another tool that your plumber relies on heavily when they need to unclog a toilet. The term ‘water closet’ is another name for toilet, and so it is where it derives the name closet auger. The tool is equipped with a boring steel gimlet at the end to break up the clog easily.  In most instances, a clogged toilet will occur in the trap, so the short cable is adequate to dislodge the vast majority of clogs. Thus, the closet auger is a perfect fit for the do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or homeowner. 

Closet Auger / Plumbers Snake

The Motorized Drum Auger / Plumber Snake

A motorized drum auger is a powerful drain cleaning tool has modular blades suitable for various pipe sizes—commonly used on sewer lines. A drum auger is capable of cutting into tree roots. Unfortunately, they can also cause damage to plastic piping and even copper tubing when used improperly. Therefore, this power tool was not designed for the average DIYer or homeowner. 

A Little Plumbing History 

The Roto-Rooter is an electric auger that was created in 1933 by an American named Samuel Blanc. His wife dubbed the device a Roto-Rooter due to the rotation of the wire and blades as they cut through tree roots inside the sewage pipe. After Blanc’s patent expired in 1953, others produced imitations. 

Hydro jetting Clears Everything In Its Path

Hydro Jetting is now the preferred method for clearing tough drains in businesses and homes. Yes, the plumber’s snake is still part of the arsenal of tools your plumber still uses. But for those recurring clogs in commercial businesses that can’t risk a backed-up sewer line, Hydro Jetting is the way to go. It not only clears everything from grease and tree roots, but it will also leave your drain clean of any grease or debris. Contrastly, a plumber’s snake will remove the blockage, but it will also leave a residue of grease that could start the process of a clogged drain all over again. 

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Hydro Jetting Can Deploy 4000 PSI

Hydro Jetting uses a high-pressure blast of water and employs scientifically designed nozzles that devour everything in its path while protecting your pipes. For example, Hydro Jetting can deploy up to 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water. To shed some light on how powerful 4000 PSI is, it’s not recommended to clean concrete or bricks. The power behind Hydro Jetting is enormous and will prevent your plumber from returning to the same clog. While the “do-it-yourself-er” can rent a plumber’s snake and clear a minor clog, Hydro Jetting gets reserved for a plumbing professional.

A+ Rated With The BBB

A plumber’s snake usually clears smaller drains such as sinks and toilets, whereas larger pipes, such as sewer lines, are best cleaned using Hydro Jetting. If you’re experiencing a clogged drain that keeps occurring, Big B’s Plumbing has the drain cleaning experts standing by. Does your business need to schedule a regular maintenance program? We are licensed #986152, bonded, and insured with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

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