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Indicators That You Need Your Plumbing Checked

Know the indicators that you need your plumbing checked so you can save yourself from a lot of grief. We have busy lives, and I can assure you that most homeowners are not thinking about their plumbing systems. Knowing some of the signs that a plumbing problem is right around the corner could catch a small problem before it turns into a large one. There are those obvious plumbing issues such as broken water heater, clogged drain, or busted garbage disposal. Then there are those signs that you need to get your plumbing checked; for example, increased water bill, low water pressure, sewage smell, and frequently clogged drains are red flags. These are warning signs of a potentially more significant issue lurking inside your plumbing system.

A High Water Bill Is An Indicator That You Need Your Plumbing Checked

An increased water bill could mean a water leak. A leak that starts in the slab could take some time to rise to the top, but there are ways to catch it early. Checking your tiles for discoloration, buckling laminates, dark spots in your concrete can mean a slab leak. Soggy carpet is another sign of a slab leak. In some cases, the carpet may be damp, and when the carpets are pulled back, it shows mold. Puddling around your home is another indicator that you have a pipe leak. When this happens, it’s time to bring in a skilled plumbing technician with the necessary high tech tools to precisely locate the leak. Other leaks are usually more noticeable, and they typically occur in copper pipes. You can notice them when water seeps through the drywall, or when you see dark spots appear on your ceiling.

High Water Bill- Get Your Plumbing Checked

There Are Bigger Issues Caused By Low Water Pressure

Decreased water pressure is another sign that you need your plumbing checked. Low water pressure can be attributed to something as minor as a clogged showerhead or aerator from mineral deposits. If this is the case, you can simply remove the showerhead or aerator and soak it in a pot of vinegar faced down overnight. The following morning you can remove any deposits by taking a toothbrush and brushing off any existing deposits. While faulty fixtures may be the best possible scenario, there are bigger issues caused by low water pressure.  For instance, water valve issues, clogged water pipes, failing pressure regulator and corroded pipes can all contribute to poor water pressure. Call your water pressure expert from Big B’s Plumbing, they will identify the problem.

Frequently Clogged Drains Means You Have A Bigger Issue

If your drains are frequently being clogged, then you need to have your plumbing professionally checked. All residential and commercial plumbing companies have a plumber’s snake in their tool chest. It’s one of the most used tools for clearing drains. While they work perfectly for most drains, they do have their drawbacks. For example, a powerful plumber’s snake might be able to cut through some tree roots but the remnants of those roots are still in the drain, feasting off raw sewage growing right back. Even the removal of heavy grease and sludge from a plumber’s snake can leave a residue and cause that same grease and sludge to return. The best answer for a frequently clogged drain is Hydro Jetting. The powerful Hydro Jetting machine will clear and clean everything in its path. Call Big B’s Plumbing today for a free in-home estimate License #986152.

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