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Kitchen And Bathroom Faucet Replaced

Are you in need of a kitchen or bathroom faucet replaced? You’re right where you need to be. At Big B’s Plumbing, we have highly skilled technicians that will install or, in some cases, repair your faucet. For homeowners who take great pride in the design of their kitchens and bathrooms, they’ll tell you that the faucets are the icing on the cake, the final touch in a bathroom or kitchen.

Should I Have My Faucet Replaced Or Repaired?

Having your faucets correctly installed should be any homeowner’s first concern. Instead, what if you want your faucet repaired? There are many different faucets on the market today, and Big B’s Plumbing is familiar with them all. When your faucet is worth repairing would depend on age and quality. There are repair kits for almost every faucet in the market today. These kits are inexpensive and target the average do-it-yourselfer.

Purchase A Quality Bathroom Faucet

Nowadays, consumers have lots of choices when selecting a bathroom faucet. They range in cost from $30 up to over a thousand for a luxury faucet. With that said, you could purchase a quality bathroom faucet at your local home center or online for about $50 to $100. The choices don’t stop there. You’ll be able to choose from a full line of colors: brushed nickel, bronze, black, and chrome.

Choose Your Design Style

For those who like to dream, there are those luxury bathroom faucets from makers like DXV, TOTO, Grohe, that could cost thousands. If you’re remodeling, you may find out that getting a faucet replaced is a little more complicated than it seems. If you’re starting your renovation with a clean slate, you can choose from a widespread, center-set, single hole, or a wall mount faucet. You can also choose your design style, such as traditional, vintage, contemporary, sleek, or retro. Whatever you decide, have your faucets and fixtures professionally installed at Big B’s Plumbing.

You Have Plenty Of Choices When Finding The Right Faucet

The kitchen is where much of our enjoyment takes place. We share meals, have a game night, entertain company, and sit around to talk. For many of us, it’s the one room in the house you want it to be just right, and that includes your kitchen faucet. Like our bathrooms, you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right kitchen faucet. You can choose from a single-handle sprayer, pull down, dual handle mid arc, or a two handle bridge kitchen faucet to match your farmhouse sink. An average kitchen faucet could cost as low as $75 and go into the thousands for a luxury faucet.

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Make Sure You Budget Enough For Your Faucet

Two things to consider when you purchase a kitchen faucet: first, it can be the focal point of your kitchen, and second, you’ll have it for many years. So while a budget is essential for any project, make sure you put aside enough for the kitchen faucet you desire. When you need your faucet replaced, call the professionals at Big B’s Plumbing.

Smart Faucets

Not that we didn’t have enough choices to begin with, now we have smart faucets. For a product to be ‘smart’, it must be able to process data with several functioning interactive parts and requires some cognitive work by the end-user. Moen, Delta, and Kohler have their version of the smart kitchen and bathroom faucet. Moen gives the user four ways to activate their faucet: wave sensor, smartphone app, voice control, and traditional on and off the handle. The product interacts with your wifi through Alexa and Google Assist. Delta VoiceIQ technology also connects with your Alexa or Google Assist and will respond to your voice command. Delta smart faucet technology is called Simplice®, and like their counterparts, they have voice-activated technology and Intuitive Response®. Have your kitchen faucet replaced by a certified plumbing professional at Big B’s Plumbing.

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