Major Plumbing Setback

Major Plumbing Setback With An Excellent Outcome

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people or vice-versa – why good things happen to bad people? I’m sure if we took the time to sit down and figure out why something went wrong with something, we could come up with a logical answer. But some things will always remain a mystery. For example, let’s take major plumbing problems. Your home seems to be hit with every possible major plumbing setback, while your neighbor hasn’t experienced any major plumbing setback whatsoever. Of course, there are many factors as to why one home experiences more plumbing issues than another. For example, shifting soil foundation, usage, maintenance, and water softeners can all play into your home’s plumbing experience. 

Tree Roots In Our Sewer Line Is A Major Plumbing Setback

You can avoid some major plumbing problems if we take proper precautions. If you moved into a new home, remember you’re responsible for the landscaping. Know where your sewer lines are, and avoid planting trees near them. You want to buy trees with a noninvasive root system such as crabapple, cornelian cherry, dogwood, and many maple trees that have small root systems. If a tree root finds the slightest opening in your sewer line, it will eventually invade the line completely. The nutrients in your sewer line cause the roots to expand and multiply.

broken sewer line is a major plumbing setback

There Are A Couple Excellent Options For Repairing Your Sewer Line

In some cases, you can solve the problem by hydro jetting the lines. Hydro jetting will break through any roots clearing the pipes. Once the lines are clear, using a root killer can keep the roots from returning for some time. However, at some point, the sewer line will need repairing altogether. The best and most affordable option would be a trenchless epoxy-coated sewer line called a trenchless cured-in-place sewer line. There is another procedure for broken sewer lines called pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a long-lasting sewer line used on hard-to-fix lines. When the procedure is complete, the new line has a 100 years life expectancy. Most cracked or broken sewer lines will qualify for either procedure, but there are some rare cases where the line may need replacing altogether.

Corroded Pipes Is A Major Plumbing Setback

For many of us, you may have already figured out that our plumbing system doesn’t last forever. Until the 1950s, galvanized pipes were the go-to pipe for home builders, and that continued into the 1960s when copper replaced galvanized piping. With that said, it wasn’t until 2016 that most major California cities have banned galvanized pipes for residential and commercial construction. Regardless of what others are saying, galvanized pipes are still considered safe for transporting water. However, some potential health risks still need to be considered, such as a corrosive water supply due to acidic conditions caused by low PH in the water. 

Home Repiping Is More Common Than One Might Think

Galvanized pipes have a 50-year lifespan, and most older homes have outlived their current plumbing system. While yes, repiping your house is a major undertaking for any homeowner, it is a common occurrence for any plumbing company. At Big B’s Plumbing, we specialize in repiping homes, and for those caught off guard financially, we have special financing with same-day approval.

A Leaking Pipe Can Cause Severe Damage

A broken pipe can spell disaster. But, of course, there are many reasons why a pipe can break or leak. What are the biggest reasons that would cause a pipe to leak?

  1. Corrosion – This is brought on by hard water minerals in the water. 
  2. Homeowner mishap – Can cause a water leak by driving a screw or nail in the wall, not realizing a water line is right behind the drywall or plaster
  3. Installation – A bad job completed on the original installation could lead to a water leak.
  4. Water Pressure: High water pressure will put a heavy burden on your pipes and appliances. 
  5. Pipe Quality –  The original copper piping was low-grade, poor quality piping.
  6. Galvanized Pipes – Your galvanized pipes are now over 60 years old and are ready for replacement.
Old rusty pipe with leak and water spraying out. This is a major plumbing setback

For whatever reason your pipes are failing, we have a simple repair solution. Have you ever heard someone say, “We’ve seen it all?” Well, at Big B’s Plumbing, there is not much we haven’t seen nor repaired. We use the latest in plumbing technologies to take the very best approach to your plumbing repairs. If you have a major plumbing setback, call us today, and we will take the “major” out of your plumbing setback.

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