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More Plumbing Trends For 2020

What’s the focus of our plumbing for 2020? A push to educate customers in 2020 about basic plumbing maintenance. Water conservation will still be a top concern, regardless of the snowpack and rainfall. The fact is, California needs to provide for 40 million people, in addition to a large agriculture community. In 2020, water conservation is still a high priority. It includes repairing leaks in our homes because according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 10% of all households in America have some form of a water leak. Most homeowners don’t even know it.

Plumbing Trends For 2020 Will Include A Push For Modern Appliances and Fixtures

As we enter the New Year, there will be a push for modern toilets and low flow showerheads. It wasn’t that long ago that showerheads delivered five to eight gallons of water per minute. The latest in low flow technology has new showerheads delivering as little as 1.6 to 2.5 gallons per minute, without giving up on the pleasures of a good shower. The latest in toilet technology can flush solid using just 1.28 gallons a flush compared to 1.6 to 3.5 on old toilets. According to a government accountability report, Americans could reduce the amount of water they are using by as much as 20% by upgrading to water-efficient appliances and fixtures.

Plumbing Trends White Swiss Madison dual flush toilets

Plumbing Trends Include Smart Pipes That Will Make A Push In 2020

As advancements in technologies continue to move forward, smart appliances are popping up everywhere. One significant advancement that’s started picking up steam is home pipe water monitors, often called smart pipes. These water monitors connect right to your smartphone and will alert you of any leaks in your home. Flo by Moen, Flume, and Brain Pipes, are just a few of the new pipe water monitors available. The pipes will self-diagnosis and alert the consumer of a leak before damage can occur.

Plumbing Trends Flo by Moen Saving Water And Energy

Homeowners Will Ask For Trenchless Sewer Lines By Name

More Plumbing trends in 2020 will include trenchless technologies that will become more popular. Most homeowners were unaware of the technology until recently. If your sewer line was cracked or broken and your plumbing company had not educated themselves with trenchless sewer lines, you might end up paying for a new sewer line. Unlike traditional sewer line replacement, trenchless sewer lines cost considerably less and are less invasive to landscaping. Additionally, they have a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years.

Replacing Old Pipes With PEX

The plumbing trends in 2020 will include an emphasis being placed on replacing old pipes in older homes — the average age for pipe replacement in the U.S. is 47 years. Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX, is the latest in home repiping. It costs less than copper, and it is easier to install the tubing that’s used in hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems. In the mid-90s, the tubing was developed for new home construction and repiping. The average life expectancy for PEX in home plumbing exceeds well over 50 years.

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