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Our Toilets: A Catalogue of Unexpected Objects Discovered

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Have you ever experienced the shock of lifting the toilet lid to find a bizarre and unexpected object? It’s a moment that has left many surprised and puzzled, questioning whether this plumbing mystery is unique to them. But believe it or not, these peculiar discoveries are more common than we might think! From coins and jewelry to toy figurines and even parts of appliances, a wide range of strange objects can somehow find their way into our toilets. In this intriguing exploration of the “artifacts” found in commodes over the years, we will delve into how these unusual items end up where they shouldn’t be while sharing methods to prevent future intrusions into our most personal spaces. Get ready for an eye-opening journey into the unexpected world of toilet mysteries!

One Man Documented a 3-foot Snake in His Toilet

Did you know that our toilets can sometimes hold surprises beyond waste, water, and toilet paper? Over the years, people have encountered astonishing objects in their commodes, ranging from live animals to precious jewelry. Imagine finding a 3-foot-long snake in your toilet, as one man did in the United Kingdom. Or what about a woman who discovered a diamond ring she had accidentally flushed 27 years ago?

These extraordinary stories have captured the media’s attention worldwide, sparking conversations among people from all walks of life. The diverse range of items found in toilets suggests that they serve purposes beyond their intended use. It’s both fascinating and, in some cases, slightly unsettling. These bizarre occurrences remind us that unexpected events can happen anywhere, even in the most mundane places.

A snake in our toilets

Dropping Our Cell Phone in the Toilet is Another Unfortunate Mishap 

Cell phones have become an indispensable part of modern life. We rarely step out without our devices, but with the convenience comes the risk of unexpected accidents, like dropping our phones into our toilets. Reports suggest that one in five adults has experienced this unfortunate mishap. Factors such as distraction and carelessness play a role, along with our phones’ increasing size and slippery surfaces. The consequences of replacing them from water damage can be costly. To avoid this, let’s develop the habit of storing our phones somewhere safe before using the toilet. Investing in a waterproof phone case is also a wise idea to save yourself from the stress and expense of a phone repair.

Jewelry in Our Toilets is a Gentle Reminder to Hold on Carefully

Discovering jewelry in our toilets is an unexpected and fascinating phenomenon that has occurred multiple times throughout history. For example, in the Netherlands, a man inadvertently flushed his wife’s wedding ring down the toilet, but plumbers managed to retrieve it from the depths of the sewer system. This peculiar occurrence is not limited to rings alone; people have also found bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in the most unlikely places in our sewer system. The combination of bathroom sinks and toilets, where people often remove jewelry while washing their hands, leads to these unusual escapes down the drain. The discovery of jewelry in toilets is a gentle reminder to handle our precious possessions carefully.

Toys in Our Toilets Bring a Host of Troubles

Flushing toys down the toilet is a problem that transcends age boundaries and has us scratching our heads. Whether it’s an unintentional slip or a grand act of mischievousness, toys in toilets bring a host of troubles. Picture this: overflowing toilets, sewage mayhem, and pipes feeling the weight of a miniature invasion! But wait, there’s more – the environmental impact is no joke. Those plastic playthings and their buddies do a lousy job at disappearing, leaving aquatic life in a bit of a pickle. So, it’s high time we sit the little ones down for a serious toy-to-toilet chat and keep a watchful eye on their shenanigans. Let’s dodge these not-so-fun accidents and be heroes to our homes and the planet.

People Intentionally Flush Money Down the Toilet

The presence of money in our toilets is an intriguingly common phenomenon. It’s astonishing how frequently these incidents occur. Money, mostly change, finds its way into toilets due to accidental drops. However, when cash or coins make their way into our toilets, clean them ASAP. Despite this, some may choose to throw it out. There have also been cases where people intentionally flush money down the toilet, whether due to illicit activities. Regardless of the circumstance, stumbling upon money in toilets highlights life’s unpredictable and peculiar nature. In Geneva, Switzerland, two wealthy women flushed €100,000 ($119,000) down the toilet along with some banknotes. On Instagram, an affluent kid in his teens was seen flushing twenty-dollar bills down the toilet.

Don't flush money down our toilets

Flushing these Items is a BIG NO-NO

Most of us don’t think twice about what we flush down the toilet, often taking for granted its convenience. However, as many homeowners have discovered, not all items are meant to be flushed because daily household items can cause major plumbing issues and damage local water treatment systems. 

For instance, sanitary products, such as tampons and pads, should never be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet as they are not biodegradable and can lead to blockages in the sewer system. Regrettably, conventional tampons are not environmentally friendly, as they contribute up to 7,054,792 pounds of waste annually when combined with sanitary pads. Similarly, baby and wet wipes have become notorious for causing pipe blockages due to their non-disintegrating properties. 

Medications are Not for Flushing

Expired or unused medications are another item that should never be flushed down the toilet as they can contaminate groundwater and harm aquatic life. Other things to refrain from flushing down your toilet include dental floss, hair, cooking grease or oil, and cigarette butts. Homeowners must understand the importance of proper disposal of household items and take responsibility for the broader impact of their actions.

Flushing Misconceptions: Don’t Let This Happen to Your Toilet

Flushing foreign objects down the toilet is not just a bad habit; it wreaks havoc on the plumbing system and the environment. The repercussions are costly, causing our sewer line to back up. According to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, U.S. municipalities spend a minimum of $1 billion each year on maintenance efforts to eliminate blockages triggered by wipes. Non-dissolving items like wipes gather with other substances, obstructing pipes and causing sewer lines to clog. The adverse environmental impact overshadows these economic consequences. Overflowing raw sewage transmits diseases, pollutes water sources, contaminates the soil, and fouls the air. Exposure to viruses, bacteria, and hazardous substances poses significant health risks.

The Trick to Safely Disposing of Unflushables

Responsible disposal of non-flushable items is a fundamental duty that each of us can embrace in our daily lives. Incorrectly flushing items like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and dental floss down our toilets can lead to drain and sewage system blockages. These blockages can result in sewer backflow, a situation where sewage water backs up into buildings, homes, and streets, posing significant health risks. Disposing of these items in designated trash cans or disposal units is advisable to prevent blockages and damage to plumbing systems while positively impacting our environment. Practicing proper disposal fosters a culture of responsibility, ensuring people’s and wildlife’s well-being. We cannot overstate the importance of correctly disposing of non-flushable items, and we should all strive to do our part for the greater good.

Keep Your Toilet Happy and Healthy with BIG B’s

The quirky items we’ve delved into during this conversation certainly offer entertaining tales, and their histories can be genuinely captivating. However, keep in mind that if these items are not handled with care, they can lead to unforeseen challenges or even safety issues. Being proactive in preventing such situations ensures that things don’t take a turn for the worse unexpectedly. Despite their versatility, bathrooms have a knack for springing surprise blockages on us. This is precisely why BIG B’s is dedicated to delivering prompt and effective services to restore your plumbing to peak performance, especially our toilets. It’s all part of our skill set, and we understand that life can sometimes throw us curveballs. So, if you’re on the hunt for a reliable plumbing ally, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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