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We can look online and see many different fixes for all sorts of faucets. With that said, most leaky faucets need to be replaced and NOT repaired. Any quality faucet will last for years without leaking when installed professionally. There are a few exceptions to the rule, for example, compression faucets usually only need a new seat washer which is a quick fix. But we’re not going to explore fixing your faucet, we’re going to explore replacing it. There are usually three types of faucets in our home: kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, and laundry room faucet.  

Replace Your Faucet with the latest design and features

Unless you have a high-end faucet or maybe even a vintage faucet, then replacing your old faucet makes more sense than repairing it. There are many major faucet makers in the market, such as Glacier Bay, Delta, Pfister, MOEN, Kohler, and high-end designer faucets from Graff, DXV, Brizo, and many more. You can purchase a quality, budget bathroom chrome faucet for around $30. It doesn’t stop there; for example, bathroom faucets might start in the low $30s but could cost hundreds for one faucet. You can purchase them in brass, chrome, nickel, and black. Some come with the WaterSense label, which meets EPA standards for water conservation. There is no good reason to fix a faucet when you can purchase one at a great value.

Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets start at $60 with the same quality manufacturers. Please make no mistake about it – kitchen faucets can be costly. Unless you’re a do-it-yourselfer and can repair your faucet, replacing it is still the better choice. A new MOEN Brecklyn Single-Handle Pull-Out Sprayer kitchen faucet with power clean, spot resist stainless, costs approximately $225. In comparison, parts and repair for a kitchen faucet from a plumbing professional are roughly $125 to $175. Keep in mind for a faucet to require a repair, it would have to be several years old. Most home kitchen and bathroom faucets survive 8 to 15 years or longer without a problem. in fact, most faucets get replaced before they break down.

On-Demand Filtered Water Right From Your Faucet

One benefit that seems to be making a splash is filling a glass of filtered water right from your kitchen sink. You’ll no longer have to avoid the dreaded tap water. Many faucets now provide filtered water right from the kitchen faucet.   Several plumbing brands recently released their version of faucets that feature water filtering technology, allowing you to drink clean, pure, excellent tasting water directly from the faucet. In addition, the Grohe Blue® faucet has water cooling and carbonation to go along with the filtration.

New Faucet Technology Will Blow Your Mind

Bathroom and Kitchen improvements are still the most common home remodeling projects for homeowners that look to update their homes. However, with the new technologies and advancements made in the area of faucet design in recent years, outlining your kitchen or bathroom remodel has become more exciting. When you desire the most advanced trends in faucet technology, do your research. At Big B’s Plumbing, we advise examining all the latest technologies before you replace your faucet.

Hands-Free Touchless Sensors

Another faucet breakthrough is the two-sensor touchless pull-down kitchen faucet by Moen Arbor. With hygiene being one of the top priorities, the incredibly convenient hands-free faucet gives any cautious homeowner peace of mind. The Moen Arbor faucet has a customized design, crafted in every detail. The handle is designed with a moderate flare, and the spout’s curved shape creates a transitional design that you may use in several settings.

Replace your faucet

Simply moving your hand prompts the water to flow without ever touching the handle. The new Power Clean technology gives the user a more forceful, intense spray for speedier clean-up. Additionally, the hose will retract from almost any distance from the hose’s automated retracting mechanism. When you want to replace your faucet, you’ll need a plumbing company that keeps up with the latest technology.

Voice-Activated Technology Is The Perfect Solution

Delta and other makers have developed their voice-activated technology that connects to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices. The new technology provides our generation with new hygienic solutions to their home faucets. The new faucets will allow users to turn the faucet on and off using voice commands. In addition, it will allow users to pour exact amounts and heat water all by the command of their voice. Hand washing becomes a snap without ever letting the water run whenever it’s not needed. You can wet, lather, and rinse your hands using the exact amount of water needed.


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