“Going Green” With Our Plumbing System And Appliances

I think by now, we’ve heard it a million times, “Going green.” Just what does it mean to “Go Green?” Well, here’s one definition that best describes “Going green” “to make more environmentally friendly choices such as recycle, reduce, reuse.” In years past, “Going Green” meant a considerable expense though not so any longer. Installing […]

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Save Water, Save Money

Save Water And Money Using These WaterSense Tips

We all want to save money and make good investments. First, the best investment we can make is purchasing a home. Some of us may have a little in the stock market, 401k, along with a small amount here and there. If it goes up, we get excited. If it goes down, we start to […]

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protect you home with a water pressure regulator

Protect Your Home And Appliances With A Water Pressure Regulator

If you were to ask homeowners what they thought about high water pressure, they would say it’s a luxury. Who doesn’t like water gushing through a hot shower? We all do! High water pressure causes detrimental problems to your plumbing system. Your water pressure regulator has a life expectancy of 8-15 years. It should get […]

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