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New bathtub installation. Promote happiness by remodeling your bathroom.

How To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Tight Budget

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom on a tight budget? The fact is most of us can’t call a contractor and have them remodel our bathroom. That’s just not in the budget. Running your finances on a well-planned budget is the only way to go for any homeowner. Unfortunately, for so many of us, […]

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How to Clean Your Bathroom Sink, commercial bathroom sink

How to Clear a Bathroom Sink

Everyone has experienced a clogged bathroom sink. The fact is, every heavily used bathroom sink will back up, if not given occasional maintenance. Even when we create new habits to prevent our sinks from clogging, they still may back up. The most significant problems occur from our daily routine: brushing our teeth, combing our hair, shaving, […]

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