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How To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Tight Budget

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom on a tight budget? The fact is most of us can’t call a contractor and have them remodel our bathroom. That’s just not in the budget. Running your finances on a well-planned budget is the only way to go for any homeowner. Unfortunately, for so many of us, we had to learn the hard way about going further into debt. But with that said, upgrading your bathroom isn’t out of the question. It may be a little like sitting in traffic, but it’s entirely possible. Meaning when we sit in traffic, we need to relax, be patient, stay focused and just enjoy the ride, no matter how long it takes us to get there. You are now the contractor of a bathroom overhaul. So let’s get started!

Everything Starts With A Budget

First, when you upgrade your bathroom, you’ll need to set your budget. Remember, you’re upgrading your bathroom, not remodeling it. Everybody will have a different budget and a timeline for completion. Next, make a list of the items you’ll want to upgrade. You can get prices at your local home improvement stores. There are many home improvement stores to choose from aside from the obvious Home Depot and Lowes. In addition, the internet will provide a wealth of information on products and services. 

Remember that shopping at one of the local home centers may not give you the selection you want. For instance, if you’re selecting a ceramic tile for your bathroom, look at all the tile companies online, including companies’ websites like Etsy. Walking into a home center to pick out all your products would probably leave you with some regrets further down the road. Since you’re looking for the best value on your bathroom upgrade, when price shopping, look for sales, discounts, and returned items that could bring significant savings to your project.

To Upgrade your Bathroom Starts With A Checklist

Do Your Research On Each Product Category Closely

There are so many new products in the market, so it’s important to complete your research on each product category closely. Then, to have some fun with your search, you might even look at products not on the budget. For instance, just because you’re in the market for a Toyota doesn’t mean you can’t take a peek at the Ferrari. Also, the new toilet technologies can cost thousands, but the more practical models range from $200 to $500 for a nice new toilet. Likewise, kitchen and bathroom faucets have touch and voice-activated technologies, and these new faucets don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. So when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom on a tight budget, do your homework.

Basic Bathroom Upgrade Checklist:

Tiles, Vanity, Sink, Medicine Cabinet, Mirrors, Towel racks, Toilets, Shower, Showerhead, Faucets, Bathtub, Paint and more

Your Biggest Savings Is Labor Costs

The biggest savings will come in the form of labor costs. However, even if you’re not a handyperson, you can still save by removing old sinks, bathtubs, vanity and eliminating old tiles. One homeowner said their bathroom remodeling contractor took five thousand dollars off the bottom line for the demolition of their old bathroom. Also, since we are upgrading and not remodeling, you can still save by removing old fixtures and cabinets. 

The savings could be greater if you’re a minor handyperson by installing towel racks, medicine cabinets, showerheads, vent fans, and painting. But never try and complete any bathroom project without some experience. Your bathroom will be with you for many years to come, and you certainly don’t want to look at shabby work because you tried to save a buck.    

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Get An Estimate On your Bathroom Upgrade

Have your plumber install sinks, toilets, and faucets all at once because there’s a basic trip charge every time your plumber has to come to your home. First, get an estimate from your plumbing company before starting to work. Then, don’t forget to take a couple of extra steps to get references, check reviews, and check their contractor’s license. Don’t let money become the deciding factor when hiring a plumber; when you do that, you’re only asking for trouble.

Planning Is Essential For Your Project To Run Smoothly

Planning is essential if you decide to replace the tub and shower. If you choose to keep your tub or shower, you’ll start with the bathroom tiles and paint after removing everything, including old tiles. Every homeowner’s bathroom upgrade will have a different outcome. The challenge is to upgrade your bathroom significantly on a budget without incurring debt. Don’t underestimate yourself on the small projects such as painting, but leave the rest to the experts. For example, replacing toilets, installing ceramic tiles, and replacing faucets should all be completed by a professional. If you decide on a top-notch plumbing service to complete some of your upgrades, you can rely on the experts from Big B’s Plumbing. We’re an accredited A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau.

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