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4 Signs That Say You May Have a Pipe Leak

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Most homeowners have experienced general water leaks whether they are coming from a broken pipe or a leaking toilet. Obviously, we would prefer the leaky toilet over a pipe leak. A leaky toilet or faucet can usually be repaired by your home’s do-it-yourselfer ( DIY). On the other hand, a leaking or burst pipe can create serious damage costing a homeowner thousands if not caught early enough. Forget the water bill for a moment because the real problem is water damage. If you have an unseen pipe leak somewhere in your home, it can cause damage to your home infrastructure, impair your home’s structural integrity, and foster the perfect environment for toxic mold to grow.

Obviously, you want to be on guard for leaking pipes so that you can detect and repair any problems before they get worse. Most leaks occur in older homes as the plumbing system starts to wear over time. Watch for the following indicators, and call an experienced plumber immediately if any of these signs appear.

Your water bill has increased 

Some water bills are monthly while others are every other month; but either way, we usually know what they amount to. For example, the hot summer month will bring in added watering around the home, causing a steady increase in our water bill during those months. In some cases, you may need to fill a swimming pool or have out-of-town guests stay for an extended period. Whatever the case, every homeowner should have a steady grip on how much water they use. Simply put, if you know how much water your home uses, then a bill increase should trigger suspicion of a leaking pipe. Track your water consumption every month, and if something doesn’t look right, you can get it handled before it gets out of control.

Water Bill Increases Due To A Pipe Leak

Do You see signs of a Pipe leak

You might actually see clear evidence of a leaking pipe, such as stained or bulging drywall or dark stains on your ceiling. You might also find mold or mildew growing inside your cabinets. In some instances, you can see the mold growing around a water heater. We’ve heard the horror stories behind mold growth, but small amounts are harmless, especially if caught early and the problem gets fixed quickly.

Then, of course, there is always the dreaded puddle on the floor, discolored tiles, or laminate flooring popping up. You can almost assume this is a foundation leak, and you need the expertise of an emergency plumbing contractor. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize how common slab leaks are. Water can seep out of walls and even up through your home’s foundation, so you won’t necessarily see other signs of a leak right away. Instead, you might just step onto a soggy carpet one day–––then you’ll take swift action.

You smell something funny 

Our sense of smell can also locate a water leak. For example, a musty or mildewy smell is a strong indicator of a leaking pipe. That musty smell usually comes from water that has been sitting on your carpet for an extended period. If the smell is coming from your carpet, you could try pulling it back to check for damages. However, this could also indicate the presence of mold, so get it checked out immediately.

Pipe leak will cause your home to smell musty

Listen for the sound of running water

In a number of instances, the homeowner can hear running water. For some, it might be a hissing sound, while for others, it sounds more like a running toilet. Either way, if you hear water running in your home and you have eliminated all possibilities, call Big B’s Plumbing. They have the latest leak detection technology to find and repair any pipe leak.  

Your water meter suggests you have a pipe leak

If you’re concerned about a leak in your plumbing system, there’s one excellent way to investigate it. 

  • First, turn off all appliances that use water, and then go outside and locate your water meter.
  • You can turn the water off at the home’s shut-off valve or the water meter.
  • A small triangular or round spinning leak indicator is located right on the front of your water meter. If the leak indicator is spinning with all water to the home turned off, then you have a water leak somewhere in the home or your landscaping. 
  • You can take it one step further and turn off the water to your landscaping. If the spinning leak indicator stops, you have a leak in your landscaping. But if it continues to spin while your landscaping is off, then the pipe leak is coming from your home.

If you notice any of these signs, turn off your water at the main shut-off valve and call Big B’s Plumbing right away. We offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day. We can fix the problem and keep the damage to a minimum.

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5 thoughts on “4 Signs That Say You May Have a Pipe Leak”

  1. It’s good to know that a musty smell can often indicate a water leak or the presence of mold. When I went into my basement this morning to do laundry, I noticed an unusually musty smell. I will have this checked out by a professional to see if there are any water leaks on the property that need to be fixed.

  2. I appreciate you helping me learn more about the obvious signs of pipe leaks in our plumbing system. I realized that we have the saggy ceilings and walls that you have described and I’m worried that the situation would turn worse. It would probably be better to just hire plumbing services and let experts inspect our system for any signs of issues.

  3. It never would have occurred to me that an increasing water bill could be a sign of a water leak. I would think that it would be a good idea to contact a plumber when you are unable to locate a water leak. A plumber has the tools and equipment that can be used to locate the exact source of a leak in your home.

  4. You got my attention when you said that when you’re using about the same amount of water as usual but your water bills increase, a leak must be a problem. With this in mind, I will be sure to hire a professional that could offer water leak detection services. Our water bill has been increasing since August even if we are not always at home. I don’t want to get further charges because of the leaks.

  5. Thank you for explaining that if your water bill is higher than it usually is, then it could be a sign that you have a water leak. My husband was looking over our bills the other day and noticed that our water bill is much higher than it should be this month. We\’ll be sure to call someone in soon and see if they can locate where the leak might be.

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