Bathtub Installation

New bathtub Installation and repair

Buying A New Bathtub? Cover All Your Bases!

Buying a new bathtub, then cover all your bases. How times have changed! Years ago taking a hot bath was the way to go. Back when nothing soothed the body more than a hot bath. Not so anymore, maybe it’s because of our busy lifestyles. Some people seem to think they’re unsanitary, while others can’t […]

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New bathtub installation. Promote happiness by remodeling your bathroom.

Consider Your Bathtub Installation and Purchase

Considering a bathtub installation or purchase? Perhaps you’re in the middle of a bathroom makeover or remodel or maybe considering one. Many of us prefer a shower over a bath because our busy lifestyles make showers a convenient choice. But for some people, a bath is just too hard to pass up when we have the time […]

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