Gas Line Repair

Gas line repair

Installing A New Gas Line Is Not For The DIY

Summer’s in full swing. Many of us are still lugging around the old propane tanks, while others are springing for an outdoor kitchen and barbeque. Some have splurged on a backyard jacuzzi. What that means is that professionally laid water and gas lines are needed. Unfortunately, installing a gas line is not for your average […]

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Plumbing terms

Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

The most commonly asked of the top plumbing questions is, “Can you give me an estimate over the phone?” As a practice, we do not give estimates over the phone. Though for some minor jobs, such as drain cleaning, you can get an estimate from one of our customer service specialists over the phone. However, […]

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Gas Line Installation

Ask Your Gas Line Installation and repair Expert

A word of advice from your licensed gas line installation expert. Don’t attempt installing any gas lines in your home, whether you’re a good do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or not, that includes both propane or natural gas lines. Leave those installations up to your licensed plumbing contractor. And we’re not talking about the small flexible gas line […]

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