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Ask Your Gas Line Installation and repair Expert

A word of advice from your licensed gas line installation expert. Don’t attempt installing any gas lines in your home, whether you’re a good do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or not, that includes both propane or natural gas lines. Leave those installations up to your licensed plumbing contractor. And we’re not talking about the small flexible gas line connectors behind the stove or barbeque. We are talking about underground gas lines leading up to your home, a water heater, outdoor barbeque, or swimming pool.

Talk To Your Gas Installation Expert

We’re not out of summer yet, but if you live in Southern California, you can expect barbequing to be in full force year-round. The hardcore barbequing family will fire up the grill any time of the year. Use the better part of caution when you decide to rid yourself of those horrible propane tanks and choose to install that natural gas barbeque. Hire a licensed plumbing contractor and get the proper permits from the city. Having the appropriate permits will ensure your home stays safe. Permits do not apply to the small stuff; for instance, installing and changing fixtures, upgrading receptacles, or installing new faucets do not require a permit. If you are installing or moving a gas line, you’ll need a licensed gas line installation expert. 

Is It Time To Switch To The More Affordable Natural Gas?

Have you decided to make the change to a tankless water heater? In every case, your gas lines will need modifying. On the other hand, maybe you want to switch your electric water heater to a natural gas heater. Natural gas will provide significant savings over electricity. At Big B’s Plumbing, we’ve completed hundreds of natural gas conversions. Natural gas is an excellent source of energy, and the United States has an abundance of it. In addition, natural gas frequently gets lauded as a cleaner form of energy.  It’s more environmentally friendly, emitting lower levels of harmful emissions like fossil fuels, nitrous oxides, and carbon monoxide when burned.

gas line installation

Are You Ready To Move From Propane To Natural Gas?

Has the City or County brought natural gas to your area? Have you considered switching? Installing a natural gas line means you won’t have to worry about running out of propane any longer. However, propane is a higher density than natural gas, so you’ll need to make adjustments, including converting your appliances to work with it. When you purchased your appliances, they may have come with a converter kit. However, consult with your product’s manufacturer before using a converter kit. You’ll almost always have to hire a professional contractor to convert your appliances. Your Licensed plumber may also have to re-pipe your house with larger-diameter lines.  The diameter of a propane gas line is about half an inch. Required gas lines for natural gas are about 3/4 of an inch. 

Propane conversion, New Gas Line Installation

Does Your Home Require A Gas Line Repair?

Broken gas lines are more common than one might think, especially in older homes. The threaded fitting on the gas line is the most common place where your pipe will begin to leak. Pipe corrosion, low-quality pipes, corroded fittings, poor assembly, faulty pipe threads, and old valves are the most common causes of gas leaks. Then there are your old appliances that have not seen proper maintenance for many years. As a result, they have poor degraded gas lines, and the connections have begun to leak, giving off the smell of natural gas. 

Don’t Chance It Without A Permit

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to gas. The most common type of repair we see is from those that choose to install their own water heater. Honestly, even water heaters require a permit. I know it doesn’t sound fair, but neither does blowing up your home. The San Diego County has made the process simple. It’s called a “no-plan permit,” and you can get one online. They cover water heaters, gas lines, and furnace replacements. In Riverside County, replacing a water heater requires a permit. If you hire a plumbing contractor, they’ll handle the installation as well as permits.

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At Big B’s Plumbing, we believe the right way is usually the hardest way.We take no shortcuts at bringing our customers unsurpassed service and value. We have a gas line installation expert ready to give you the advice, service, and direction you need when installing or repairing a gas line. Check us out on Yelp, Facebook, and Google+ and read what others say about Big’ B’s Plumbing.

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