Avoid The Plumbing Nightmare

We never want to come home to a plumbing nightmare. So why does it seem like our plumbing nightmares happen when we’re away from home, or sleeping? Whether in your home or elsewhere, there are some things that we can do to avoid that plumbing nightmare. In some cases, you’ll have signs of a more significant plumbing emergency down the road. For instance, if your drains are draining slowly throughout the whole house, that’s an indication your sewer line needs clearing before it completely backs up. 

High PSI Can Cause A Plumbing Nightmare

If you notice a stain on your ceiling or wall, that means you’re experiencing a leak. If not addressed quickly, it could cause severe damage. Not only can it cause property damage, but it can also expose your family to mold, which may pose a serious health risk. If the stain is on the ceiling, chances are it’s a leak in an upstairs bathroom. 

What to look for when looking for an upstairs bathroom water leak

  1. Leaking Water Pipe: A loose or broken pipe is the leading cause of a pipe leak in the bathroom.
  2. Worn-Out Grout and Caulking: Worn-out grout or caulking that’s left unchecked will result in major water damage. Call your plumbing contractor when you see the first signs of water damage.
  3. Leaking Drain Gasket: A broken drain gasket is another way water will leak through, causing a problem.
  4. Broken Wax Toilet Ring: Is your toilet lose? Then replace the wax ring. Water can escape and leak if the wax ring has a broken seal. The water that leaks may be tainted with the waist, so make the necessary fixes ASAP.

High Water Pressure Could Lead To A Plumbing Nightmare

Next, high water pressure could be responsible for a plumbing nightmare. First, check your water pressure. You can do this by buying a water pressure gauge at your local home center for less than ten dollars. The maximum water pressure for a home is 80 pounds per square inch (PSI), but the recommended PSI is between 40-60. High water pressure is a significant cause of damaged pipes, leaks, and water waste. Although some people may find high water pressure a good thing, think again, it can cause significant damage to pipes and appliances. 

High water pressure could cause a plumbing nightmare

For Some, A Cold Shower Is A Nightmare

Now every person’s plumbing nightmare is different. For example, taking a cold shower in the morning could be a plumbing nightmare for some. What that means is your water heater is not working. In many cases, you could have avoided it. For most of us, our water heater sits in our garage and never gets a second look. Think about this: our water heaters work day and night without even a tune-up for 10-15 years. They require maintenance, but very few of us ever touch them unless something goes wrong. Avoid the plumbing nightmare, and maintain your water heater annually. It can be the difference between a hot and cold shower. Which do you prefer?

How To Avoid The Plumbing Nightmare

We could all agree that most major plumbing nightmares occur when a pipe bursts or leaks. When planning a summer getaway or hanging out at home for the summer, consider investing in a water leak detector for your home, whether leaving town or not.  Even if you’re located thousands of miles away or right here at home, installing a leak detection device will alert you of any water leaks in your home. In some cases, it may even contribute to averting a catastrophe.

latest plumbing technologies

As soon as it detects the presence of a water leak from any source, you’ll be alerted through an app, so you can take action before any flooding or significant damage can occur. In addition, they’re an excellent investment because most water leak detectors are very affordable and are easy to install.

Call Your Commercial Or Residential Plumbing Professionals

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