Low-Flow Faucets

Go Green With Your Plumbing System And Your Home

How to go Green With Your Plumbing System

Let’s face it, “going green” is a way of life. Everyone is responsible for conserving energy, recycling wherever we can, and conserving water, especially in drought California. As I walk through our neighborhood, nothing frustrates me more than seeing bottles and cans in a trash can or on the street rather than a recycling bin. […]

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Save Water In California With New Plumbing Innovations

Money, Water, And Energy Saving Plumbing Tips For Your Home

We all want to save money and make a good investment. Some of us may even have a little in the stock market. If it goes up, we get excited; if it goes down, we start to worry. Our house is an investment. But, by taking it a step further, your home could significantly save […]

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Low-Flow Shower Heads

Low Flow Shower Heads Are Making a Huge Difference

How would you define low-flow shower heads? It is a showerhead that will make your home more water-efficient by decreasing the volume of water we waste. Shower heads obviously do not influence how long your shower will be; however, they can aid in saving money on heating the water. In actuality, heating water is the average […]

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Plumbing trends

Plumbing Trends You Can Expect For The Inland Empire

When most of us think of plumbing, we rarely consider the advancements in technology or online engagements. That’s because it’s so much a part of our lives now. For example, if you need a plumber, the consumer gets online and completes a search for the closest “plumber near me.” In just a few seconds, you’ll […]

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Have You Ever Thought About A Plumbing Makeover?

Ever Thought About A Plumbing Makeover?

What is a plumbing makeover? When we hear makeovers, we think about someone’s hairstyle, makeup, or clothes. Other transformations are considered makeovers, such as transforming or remodeling a house. I got inspired by an article I read about “going green” (to be environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible) that moved me to consider the concept of […]

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