Mold Exposure

Bathroom mold on wall

Prevent and Treat Bathroom Mold: Essential Tips and Solutions

Mold Commonly Found in Bathrooms Includes Cladosporium:  Cladosporium is a kind of mold that can grow both indoors and outdoors. It thrives in damp areas like carpets, walls, and near leaky pipes. Often found where other molds are already present, such as bathrooms. Penicillium:  Known for its blue or green color, Penicillium grows on materials […]

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Exposure To Bathroom Mold

Mold Creates Health Concerns

What does mold exposure have to do with our plumbing? Everything! Mold grows when we expose it to moisture. Undetected slab leaks, minor leaks under sinks, and water leaks that start within your walls can all wreak havoc by causing mold exposure. Even old caulking can that lost its grip can be responsible for mold […]

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