Exposure To Mold

Mold Creates Health Concerns

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What does mold exposure have to do with our plumbing? Everything! Mold grows when we expose it to moisture. Undetected slab leaks, minor leaks under sinks, and water leaks that start within your walls can all wreak havoc by causing mold exposure. Even old caulking can that lost its grip can be responsible for mold growth in your bathrooms. 

We Have All Heard Horror Stories Associated With Mold GRowth

I recently met a family living in a hotel. They’ve been there for a couple of months. The hotel stay began with a small water leak behind a wall that went unnoticed in their home. The homeowners finally discovered the leak when the drywall started to bulge. Unfortunately, when the plumbing contractor removed the drywall, they found massive amounts of mold. Because of the health risks, the family moved out of their home until the mold could get removed. Most of us have heard the horror stories associated with mold. While for some, it may not have any effect at all; for others, especially those with a compromised immune system, it can cause serious health problems.

Below are some of the side effects associated with exposure:

  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Throat irritation
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation

Mold Exposure and Respiratory Illness

Additionally, those that have mold allergies could have a severe reaction. People with lung illnesses such as obstructive lung disease need to stay clear of mold exposure. We have all met people who made their move to drier climates like California or Arizona because the area they lived in was high in humidity. Mold breeds where moisture is present; hot, humid climates are ideal for its growth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, “We found limited or suggestive evidence linking indoor mold exposure and respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children.” 


Mold Exposure in Kids

Mold Is Everywhere

Mold is everywhere. Woodpiles, outdoor storage sheds, garages, and compost piles are all contributors. Furthermore, it can enter your home through these places:

  • Open doorways
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

It can also attach itself to clothing, shoes, bags, and even pets. 

Most people don’t know the term “mold” is used to describe a variety of fungi. However, almost everyone is familiar with the black mold we see around our home, Stachybotrys. It is renowned for triggering extremely bad allergic reactions. It became well-known because of its dark color and rapid growth patterns on cellulose-containing construction materials. But other kinds of mold exposure are known to be just as harmful. 

Mold Spores Grow On:

  • Drywall
  • Cardboard
  • Wallpaper
  • Fabric
  • Carpet
  • Upholstery
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Wood
Mold Exposure

Protect Your Home From Mold Exposure

You should address all forms of mold and moisture problems immediately. The most prominent places are under your sinks and around your water heater. Also, a quick house inspection once every quarter is always a good idea. It would be best if you repaired the smallest of household leaks promptly. Otherwise, it will create a climate for mold spores to grow. You can clean it with a small amount of bleach and water. Some household cleaners that contain bleach also work well. Contact a mold remediation specialist if the compromised area is ten square feet or greater. 

What Causes Mold To Flourish

In order for fungi to flourish, it requires moisture. However, mold spores can endure for long periods on dry surfaces. In most homes, mold is a common presence in places with high humidity, such as bathrooms, where it can thrive. Another example to consider is the vicinity of potted plants placed in trays to collect extra water, window corners that collect moisture, and ceilings that are susceptible to roof leaks.

Common Mold That Could Be Growing In Your Home

Penicillin: Has saved an endless number of lives as an antibiotic. However, that’s not the case for reproducing spores inside your home because it can cause asthma and other health issues to worsen since it produces mold spores inside your home. You can see the distinct blue or green colors on walls and mattresses that have been affected. 

Cladosporium: Has brown-green spots that can be seen on furniture and hidden between floor tiles and baseboards. Watering eyes and skin rashes result from disrupting the spores.

Ulocladium: Do the caulking on your windowsills or the grout lines between your tiles have any black growths? This mold grows best in places with persistent wetness or standing water. It frequently grows in communities with Stachybotrys and other fungi rather than by itself.

Aureobasidium: Are you taking down the old wallpaper? Search for brown patches that are closely spaced. Don’t use your bare hands to make contact. This mold has the potential to cause skin rashes and nail issues. 

Knowing What Causes Mold Exposure Is Half The Battle

Some types of mold cause allergic responses. As a result, you have a stuffy nose, watery eyes, or sneeze frequently; you might have mold in your home. They are capable of starting episodes in those who already have asthma. Other molds, however, harm those with weakened immune systems. In certain situations, they might seriously harm your health. Toxic mold is the last one; it can cause skin diseases and even worse.

You and your family can get the medical attention you require if you are aware of the types of mold to which you may be regularly exposed. Perhaps none of you have a seasonal allergy that has never bothered you before. Instead, the offender can hide in your shower, behind the wall covering, or even beneath the carpet.

When you see The First Signs Of Mold, Take Action

Use a dehumidifier if certain portions of your house smell musty:

  1. Of course, keep in mind to clean your appliances often.
  2. Take care of any water leaks that may let moisture into the house.
  3. If you have concerns, work with a company that performs mold testing in homes.

You can find out exactly what you are dealing with in your home by having a professional test your home for the presence of mold spore activity.  This allows any homeowner to prepare for appropriate mold removal and remediation. 

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