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We Thanked Our San Diego Plumber for showing us the latest plumbing advancements

Plumbing Advancements: Everything a Homeowner Needs to Know

Hydro Jetting: The Most Powerful Drain Cleaner on the Planet Hydro jetting, also called hydro jetter, hydrojetting, and hydro jet drain cleaning, offers homeowners numerous benefits for maintaining their plumbing systems. This technique uses high-pressure water to thoroughly clean pipes, effectively removing stubborn blockages caused by grease, scale, and other debris that traditional methods may […]

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PEX Tubing, Whole House Repiping, Pipe Replacement

Pipe Replacement: Ensuring Smooth Flow and Home Safety

What is the Estimated Life Expectancy of PEX, Copper, and Galvanized Steel Piping The estimated life expectancy of plumbing pipes can vary depending on factors such as material quality, installation conditions, water chemistry, and usage patterns. Here are the typical life expectancies for galvanized steel, copper, and PEX pipes: Galvanized Steel Pipes: Around 20 to […]

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Home Repiping Service Fallbrook, CA. Pex tubing and Copper Piping

Why I Prefer PEX Over Copper for My Home Repipe?

Defining Cross-linked polyethylene, Commonly Abbreviated PEX Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), often abbreviated as PEX, is a type of thermoplastic polymer characterized by its unique molecular structure, which includes cross-links or chemical bonds between individual polymer chains. These cross-links enhance the material’s strength, flexibility, and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. PEX tubing is widely used in […]

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