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Why I Prefer PEX Over Copper for My Home Repipe?

Just about 60-plus years ago, our go-to piping was galvanized steel. Then copper was ushered in to take its place for many of the same reasons cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is taking the place of copper piping. In the world of modern construction and plumbing, innovation is key to making our lives more convenient, efficient, and sustainable. One such innovation, commonly known as PEX, has reshaped the way we think about piping. This versatile and revolutionary material has earned its stripes as a game-changer in the plumbing world and beyond.

PEX tubing has come a long way since its inception in the 1960s, evolving into a trusted and widely-used material for a wide range of applications, from residential plumbing systems to radiant heating and even industrial settings. Its remarkable adaptability, durability, and cost-effectiveness have made it a preferred choice for professionals and homeowners alike. We’ll delve deep into the fascinating world of PEX, exploring its history, properties, applications, and the advantages it offers over traditional plumbing materials. Join us on a journey through the evolution and impact of PEX piping and discover why it continues to be at the forefront of modern plumbing solutions.

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Defining Cross-linked polyethylene, Commonly Abbreviated PEX

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), often abbreviated as PEX, is a type of thermoplastic polymer characterized by its unique molecular structure, which includes cross-links or chemical bonds between individual polymer chains. These cross-links enhance the material’s strength, flexibility, and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. PEX tubing is widely used in various applications, especially in plumbing systems, due to its exceptional durability and versatility, making it a popular choice for water distribution, radiant heating, and other fluid transport systems.

PEX Tubing Brought a Transformative Solution to Our Plumbing System

Our home is a classic from 1965 that has stood the test of time for nearly sixty years, and it’s time for some well-deserved upgrades. If you’ve noticed some quirky pipe noises or a couple of minor leaks, don’t fret; these signs are common in older homes. The good news is that it’s an opportunity to consider a beneficial improvement. Most copper pipes typically serve well for forty to sixty years, and they eventually begin to show their age. Back in the late sixties, copper was the only option available for plumbing. Before that era, our homes relied on steel galvanized pipes, which came with challenges. However, the early 1990s brought a transformative solution to plumbing woes. 

Then came the introduction of PEX tubing, and the rest is history. Meanwhile, PEX tubing had already been developed for building pipework systems, hydronic radiant heating, and cooling systems. Then, in 1993, Uponor introduced AquaPEX® as a game-changing alternative to traditional copper piping, setting the stage for a new era of reliable and efficient plumbing solutions.

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PEX Tubing is Quickly Becoming the Industry Standard

As we entered the new millennium, PEX tubing started gaining momentum in the plumbing industry. Plumbing companies and professionals enthusiastically embraced this innovative product, investing in their knowledge of its installation techniques. Fast forward nearly three decades since its introduction into the residential market, and PEX tubing has emerged as the preferred choice for most plumbing companies. With only a minor drawback of not being recyclable, the advantages of PEX are abundant. This remarkable material matches copper in longevity while boasting easier installation and lower costs. While some may still have a soft spot for copper, which has been a staple in plumbing for the past six decades, there’s no denying that PEX tubing is rapidly establishing itself as the new industry standard. The future of plumbing is brighter and more efficient than ever, with PEX piping leading the way.

PEX Piping is an Excellent Choice for Minimizing the Risk of Leaks

PEX, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene, has gained a reputation for being less likely to leak compared to traditional piping materials like copper or galvanized steel. One of the primary reasons behind its leak-resistant nature is its seamless design. Unlike copper pipes, which are prone to developing pinhole leaks due to corrosion over time, PEX pipes don’t corrode. Additionally, PEX tubing is highly flexible and can be installed with fewer joints and connections, reducing the potential points of failure. Furthermore, PEX’s ability to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations means it’s less susceptible to cracking or bursting in extreme weather conditions. Its durability and resistance to chemical degradation contribute to its long-lasting performance. All these factors combined make PEX an excellent choice for minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring a reliable plumbing system for years to come.

PEX Tubing Can Handle a Broad Range of PSI Levels

PEX, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene, demonstrates exceptional strength and the ability to withstand high pounds per square inch (PSI) pressures, making it a reliable choice for various plumbing and fluid transport applications. Its unique molecular structure with cross-links between polymer chains is the key to its robustness. These cross-links provide PEX with remarkable resistance to stress and pressure. PEX pipes can handle a broad range of PSI levels, typically exceeding the demands of residential and even commercial plumbing systems. Its flexibility also allows it to absorb pressure fluctuations without the risk of bursting or cracking, ensuring a consistent and durable flow of fluids. This high PSI resistance is one of the many qualities that make PEX a dependable and long-lasting option for modern plumbing needs.

PEX Tubing for home repiping

Cost Less and Has Less Handling Charges

PEX, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene, offers a cost-effective alternative to copper piping for plumbing and fluid transport systems. One significant factor contributing to its affordability is its lower material cost. PEX is less expensive to manufacture than copper, making it a more budget-friendly choice for homeowners and builders. Additionally, PEX is significantly lighter than copper, which reduces shipping and handling costs. Its lightweight nature translates to lower transportation expenses, as less energy and resources are required to move and distribute PEX pipes. These factors, combined with the ease of installation due to its flexibility, make PEX a cost-efficient option while maintaining high-quality performance in plumbing applications.

PEX Tubing: An Ideal Choice for Regions with Cold Climates

PEX, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene, excels in its ability to withstand freezing water compared to other piping materials. This resilience is primarily attributed to its flexible nature. When water freezes, it expands, exerting significant pressure on pipes. PEX’s flexibility allows it to expand without breaking, reducing the risk of bursting pipes in freezing temperatures. Moreover, PEX’s resistance to corrosion and cracking makes it less vulnerable to damage when water inside the pipes freezes and expands. This feature makes PEX an ideal choice for regions with cold climates, ensuring that homeowners can have peace of mind even during the harshest winters, as it helps prevent costly and inconvenient pipe repairs due to freezing.

PEX Tubing is Virtually Immune to Such Issues as Corrosion, Scaling, and Pitting

One of the key advantages of PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) over copper is its resistance to degradation over time. Copper pipes can be susceptible to corrosion, scaling, and pitting, especially in areas with aggressive water conditions, which can lead to leaks and reduced water quality. PEX, on the other hand, is virtually immune to such issues. It does not corrode, rust, or deteriorate when exposed to harsh water environments or acidic conditions. This inherent resistance to degradation ensures that PEX pipes maintain their structural integrity and water purity over the long haul, making them a durable and reliable choice for plumbing systems that can stand the test of time without needing costly maintenance or replacements due to degradation.

In Conclusion, Big B’s Plumbing Will Meet the Demands of Any Home Repipe 

In summary, PEX, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene, offered by Big B’s Plumbing, presents a host of compelling benefits that set it apart as the ideal choice for plumbing and water transport. Its remarkable resistance to corrosion, scaling, and degradation ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. The flexibility of PEX minimizes the risk of leaks and pipe bursts, making it an excellent choice for cold climates and regions with temperature fluctuations. Its lower material cost and reduced shipping and handling expenses make it an affordable option without compromising quality.

We Uphold a Sterling Reputation by Providing Reliable Plumbing Services

With its stellar reputation for excellence and reliability, Big B’s Plumbing recognizes the enduring advantages of PEX and embraces it as the go-to solution for customers’ plumbing needs. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with the exceptional characteristics of PEX, ensuring that customers receive top-notch plumbing solutions that stand the test of time. As a result, Big B’s Plumbing not only upholds its sterling reputation but also continues to provide homeowners and businesses with cost-effective, durable, and reliable plumbing systems that prioritize efficiency and longevity. With PEX, the future of plumbing is bright, and Big B’s Plumbing is leading the way.

Big B’s Plumbing Is a Leader in Home Repipes

With all the benefits of PEX, it’s hard to argue against it. At Big B’s Plumbing, PEX experts are ready to meet the rigors of your new construction or home repipe. For those who still prefer copper piping, don’t hesitate to call; our copper pipe specialist can assist you. Our extensive experience and thousands of top-notch reviews have made us a leader in PEX home repipes. Call today and get the service and value you deserve.

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  1. My home is over 100 years old and my husband and I are talking about repiping about half of the house. Thank you for pointing out that PEX tubing has a lower risk of leaking. I don’t really know what kind of pipes we should get, so we should definitely talk to a plumber that can help us to understand our options and get the new pipes installed.

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