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Home Repiping Service Fallbrook, CA. Pex tubing and Copper Piping

Why I Prefer PEX Over Copper for My Home Repipe?

Defining Cross-linked polyethylene, Commonly Abbreviated PEX Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), often abbreviated as PEX, is a type of thermoplastic polymer characterized by its unique molecular structure, which includes cross-links or chemical bonds between individual polymer chains. These cross-links enhance the material’s strength, flexibility, and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. PEX tubing is widely used in […]

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plumbing nightmare

How To Avoid And Repair A Plumbing Nightmare

What constitutes a plumbing nightmare? A plumbing nightmare means something different for everyone. For some, it might be a water heater that needs replacing. For others, it could be a broken pipe that causes flood damage. Whatever the case, it’s usually an unplanned plumbing emergency that dips into our budget. It also means taking time off work […]

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Plunger, is a handy plumbing tool

Valuable Low-Cost Plumbing Tools For Every Household

Have you experienced a home plumbing problem that you know how to fix but don’t have the right plumbing tools? We usually borrow what we need from a neighbor. Sometimes drive to our local home improvement center and buy what we need. In the worst case, we call our plumber to perform a service you […]

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Old Homes Have Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problems In Old Vintage Homes

Older vintage homes are in demand in Southern California but make no mistake about it – old vintage homes have their fair share of plumbing problems. You can fix potential problems or wait until something breaks; for example, we can replace our old water heater that shows signs of age, or you can wait until it stops […]

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New Home Buyer

Home Buyer, Beware Of Plumbing Issues Before You Purchase

If you’re a home buyer, maybe even a first-time homebuyer, and the house you’re looking at is an older home, maybe between 20 and 60 years old–––or older, beware of potential plumbing problems before you sign on the dotted line. If you have any specific concerns, have a list of questions ready for your home […]

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copper piping

Copper Piping Is Still The Best

Here are some quick facts on copper piping. Copper pipes date back to over 4000 years. History tells us that ancient Egyptians used copper to transport water around 2150 BC. The Romans used copper pipes to distribute water. Copper has become the most used material for plumbing since the 1940s. Cooper is scientifically safe, reliable, and […]

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A Plumbing Luxury And A Little History

It’s hard to think that any family in the US has ever had to live without hot water, a bathtub, or a toilet that flushed. The fact is that back in the 1940s, half the homes in America were not equipped with any of the three simultaneously. If you had all three, it was considered […]

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Old Home Plumbing Problems

3 Plumbing Problems When Buying An Old Home

You’re buying a new home, and you want everything to be just right. The plumbing, along with the electrical, is on the top of your list. The home is old, but to you, it’s brand new. You’re not just moving into a house, you’re moving into your home. You don’t want regrets. The last thing […]

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four major Plumbing Issues

Four Major Plumbing Issues Commonly Found In Older Homes

Let’s discuss the four major plumbing issues commonly found in older homes. If you’re a homeowner, you cannot avoid plumbing problems. They’re all part of home ownership. Some are big, but most are small enough that homeowners can handle them. If you’re a home or property owner, plumbing problems are inevitable. The real question is […]

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old house plumbing obstacles, when to repipe your home

Plumbing Obstacles From An Aging Home?

Let’s face it. You’ll find more plumbing obstacles from an aging home than a new one. Whether we know it or not, our plumbing system is wearing down. If your home is between 30-50 years old, you have already started experiencing plumbing issues. It could be drains that are clogging more often, low water pressure, […]

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