four major Plumbing Issues

Four Major Plumbing Issues Commonly Found In Older Homes

Let’s discuss the four major plumbing issues commonly found in older homes. If you’re a homeowner, you cannot avoid plumbing problems. They’re all part of home ownership. Some are big, but most are small enough that homeowners can handle them. If you’re a home or property owner, plumbing problems are inevitable. The real question is whether it will be a major or minor problem. If kept in check, a small plumbing issue will not turn into a big problem. Like everything else, age is the culprit. Older homes, apartments, and buildings are susceptible to major repairs. With that said, there are some things you can do to keep a possible small plumbing problem from becoming a major one. 

Galvanized Pipes Were Commonly Used

In the 1960s and earlier, galvanized pipes were the go-to pipe for new home construction. In the mid to late 60s, copper piping got introduced to the industry, and the rest was history. At the time, galvanized steel pipes became the substitute for lead pipes. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been coated with zinc to protect against rust. Research on the pipes would have taken decades to understand the long-term effects.

However, we’ve learned that when exposed to water, especially hard water over many years, they will eventually cause the pipes to rust on the inside. When remodeling an older home, the homeowners tend to focus on the aesthetics when plumbing and electrical should be the priority. Replacing the pipes with copper or PEX will save time and money in the long and short run.

Galvanized Steel Pipes Is A Major Plumbing Issue

If your home was built in the sixties, chances are you have galvanized steel pipes. It would be best if you considered a complete home repipe before you have a major plumbing issue. Most homeowners have two major concerns when deciding on a home repipe. The first concern is how long it will take to repipe your home. Homeowners want to know how long they will be out of their homes.

At Big B’s Plumbing, the piping portion gets completed in one day, and typically the drywall portion is handled the next day. The customer is never without water overnight. The second concern is what it will cost. Every home is different, so it’s impossible to give an estimate without seeing the job. Big B’s Plumbing offers some of the best financings in the industry, zero percent interest for one year, same as cash. We also have 5-year financings starting as low as 6.99%.

Tree Roots Cause Major Plumbing Issues

Another problem that could turn into something major if not addressed quickly is tree roots. Again, this is usually a problem in older homes, but we also see them in homes that are twenty years old. Once tree roots have invaded your sewer line, there is only one long-term solution. But first, the sewer line must have a camera inspection to see the extent of the damage caused by the tree roots. Hydro jetting your sewer line will clear the roots and leave your sewer main squeaky clean, but the roots will return and flourish, living off the raw sewage. The solution is a cured-in-place epoxy resin sewer lining. The cured-in-place sewer lines are known to last 50 years or longer and cause little to no damage to your existing landscape.  

Other Reasons Your Sewer Main Might Be Failing

Tree roots are not the only thing that causes sewer line damage in older homes. Shifting soil is another concern, especially here in California, where earthquakes are common. Even earthquakes that you cannot feel are always moving in many areas. Corrosion in older pipes could lead to a broken or collapsed pipe. Replacing old sewer lines that may be cracked or broken before more significant problems occur is in the best interest of your plumbing system. 

Major Plumbing Issues

Include Slab Leaks As One Of Four Major Plumbing Issues

A leak in your slab can cause severe damage. The slightest shift in your foundation can cause a slab leak. Another reason that will create a slab leak is if a small pebble is pressing against your copper pipe. Over many years, it could generate a pinhole leak. The sooner you can catch the problem, the better off you’ll be. A high water bill is the first sign you may have a slab leak. If you notice discoloration in your grout or wood floors, this could be the sign of a leak. Often, the garage floor will have a dark spot on it, unlike the rest of the concrete.

Whatever the case, the sooner you can detect any plumbing problem, the less damage will occur. If you have major plumbing issues, Big B’s Plumbing is an A+ rated plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau. We’re ready to exceed your expectations. 

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