Water Filtration

Hard Water Deposits, Your Plumbing Check List

What’s The Scoop On Hard Water?

If you live in California, we’re all too familiar with hard water, also known as water hardness. For those of us who don’t know what water hardness is, it’s that white substance that builds up around our faucets. It’s also known to build up in our plumbing system over many years, creating restricted water flow […]

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Enviro Whole House Water filtration system

Whole House Water Filtration Systems Are Good For You And The Enviroment

If you’re like most families, drinking water has become a massive part of our daily routine. Most of us send our kids off to school with either a bottle of water or a thermos filled with filtered water. Even those who have filtered water systems in their homes find themselves buying bottled water for those occasions when […]

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