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The Advantages Of A Hot Water Recirculation Pump

I think we’ve all experienced waiting for the water to heat up before jumping in the shower. Even after turning on a faucet, you can expect it to take a couple of minutes before the hot water arrives. In both cases, you watch precious resources go down the drain. What’s the solution? Install a domestic hot water recirculation pump on your water heater. California now mandates hot-water recirculation in building codes if the distance from the heat source to the tap is 50 feet or more. Other states are following suit by passing their own laws. We can assume that it won’t be long before California passes legislation requiring a domestic hot water recirculation pump for residential usage.

A Hot Water Recirculation Pump Gives You Water On Demand

In concept, hot water recirculation pumps are closely related to tankless water heaters because they provide hot water on demand to your faucets and showers. The pump continually circulates hot water through the pipes while a fixed-in thermostat maintains a set temperature. When the water cools, the process starts all over, maintaining the right temperature. According to the U.S. Government study, savings of up to 12,000 gallons of water for four points of hot water use and up to 15,000 gallons for five points of use per year. Those numbers will vary based on pipe size and the total length of pipe from the heater to the furthest sink or shower.

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Buy one with A Timer And You’re Sure To Save Money

The numbers from government studies are highly debatable because gas and electricity need to be in the equation to see the real savings, if any, at all. For example, the cost of electricity to run the pump needs consideration, as well as the gas to heat the water continually. The debate goes on whether the pump is a good investment for your home or not.

But I think everyone can agree on a couple of things: one, having hot water on demand is an incredible convenience, whether it’s a money saver or not. And second, the numbers are so close regarding savings or loss that it’s worth installing just to save the water especially here in California. Another consideration is purchasing a hot water recirculation pump with a timer and to use it during peak hours; for instance, a couple of hours in the morning and evening when most of our showering and shaving takes place.

Here are my final thoughts:

You can have hot water on demand.

  • It’s like owning a tankless water heater without all the high costs of installation.
  • You will save an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Purchase a hot water recirculation pump with a timer and set it for peak hours.
  • A highly skilled do-it-yourselfer can install it, but it’s best to call your plumbing professional.
  • Whether you’re saving money or breaking even, the product is worth having.

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2 thoughts on “The Advantages Of A Hot Water Recirculation Pump”

  1. We have an ‘on demand’ recirculating pump. In other words it is only on when we want, mostly before we shower. The pump shuts off when it detects the flowing hot water. Our December 2021 water bill was $33. We also put I on a timer to recirculate hourly if freezing is predicted overnight. We love not having to wait for hot water.

  2. It was a very helpful tip when you said that having a hot water recirculation pump is cost-effective as it can save you from the costly utility bills. I just had my dream house built, and I need a system for my hot water. That being said, I’ll be sure to hire the best plumbers in town who have experience in gas hot water installation.

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