Slab Leak Dangers of water damage

7 Dangers Of Water Damage In The Inland Empire

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Water damage can hit us from many different directions. For some areas, it’s the threat of rain and melting snow. California is not exempt from floods, earthquakes, fires, and even mudslides. Water damage accounts for millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses annually here in California. Water damage doesn’t stop at snow and rain; even the smallest leak in our house can result in significant damage to our personal property. Clogged toilets, broken dishwasher hoses, broken pipes, slab leaks, leaky roofs, and overflowing washing machines can and do cause water damage.

Some Have An Allergic Reaction To Mold

While water can cause thousands of dollars in damage, it can also activate mold to grow. Mold can start to grow when mold spores land on moist surfaces. Mold can start growing in 24 to 48 hours. There are many types of mold, and while some are harmless to most people, others can have an allergic reaction. The key is to have the water damage repaired and have the moisture removed from the home or business ASAP. For most damage caused by pipes or slab leaks, your plumbing company has a team of experts to tackle the problem. But for those significant floods involving contaminated water, you’ll want to hire a restoration company to handle the cleanup. They have the experience to assess the damage quickly and expertly.

The Dangers Of Water Damage
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Other Health Issues

You might find your family in the house experiencing health problems if mold is allowed to develop. It can cause respiratory difficulties, especially in people who have a weak immune system or respiratory issues such as asthma. 

Bad Odors In Your Home

Additionally, you can see that musty scents stemming from the water damage in your home. Your home’s mold and mildew infestation may be the source of the smell. Even if you make every effort to clean it up, removing and cleaning the water damage in your home and any resulting issues is the only method to eliminate foul odors permanently. A specific type of mold or fungus we refer to as referred to as mildew. The general word “mildew” gets frequently used to describe mold growth, which typically has a flat growth behavior. All microscopic fungal species, known as molds, develop as a multicellular filament known as hyphae.

Mold From Water Damage

Stains On Your Walls Or Ceiling

Visible stains on your walls or ceiling are frequently one of the first indicators of water damage in your home. For example, there could be moisture, bulging drywall, or brownish stains on the ceiling.  If you don’t remove it and make the necessary repairs, the problem will accelerate if left unchecked, and mold will start to grow. 

Rising Repair Costs

The truth is, the longer we wait to make the necessary fix the issue, the more expensive it could cost to repair.  If you address the issue immediately, it could be quick and simple, but if you wait, it might continue to worsen. When you eventually eliminate the problem, you could find that it costs much more than expected. For example, if mold is allowed to develop, you may require a mold remediation company or a professional cleaning crew. Try and have plumbing leaks repaired the same day. 

electrical Damage

The risk of water damage from flooding can cause electrical damage. In the case of flooding, have your home inspected by a licensed plumbing contractor or a flood remediation specialist. If your home has been flooded, time is of the essence. If you want to be proactive during a flood, turn off any power to your home; however, don’t walk across the water to get to your fuse box. Instead, call an electrician to access your fuse box before wading through water.

Water Damage Might Be a Sign of a More Serious Issue

Sometimes you can pinpoint the water damage by looking at where the damage is coming from. There may be a number of potential causes, but you need to address the underlying issue first. For example, your roof may have cracks, your plumbing system may be so old and require repiping, or you may even have a slab leak; whatever the case, fix the problem so that it doesn’t return. 

High water bill

Your water bills may be excessive. Water damage might have already begun without your knowledge. For instance, some water leaks may not raise their ugly heads for a week or months. The water could take its time to reach the surface. Slab leaks could go undetected for some time, but one of the main signs is a high water bill. Another sign is low water pressure. Don’t overlook these items which could come from mold.

Hire A Water Restoration Specialist

Your restoration specialist will test the water that caused the damage. There are three types of water to be tested for: clean water that has no threat to humans, gray water, which may cause sickness if ingested, and black water, which is sewage and very dangerous. Your water restoration specialist will find the source of the water damage, test the water, and assess the damage. For the family’s safety, they’re asked to temporarily live elsewhere so they can make the repairs without endangering anyone.

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Big B’s Plumbing is your water leak repair specialists for the Inland Empire, Murrieta, Temecula, Wildomar, and Menifee. While most plumbing companies don’t deal with full-blown flood damage, Big B’s Plumbing does. They have a team of dedicated restoration experts committed to serving you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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