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Who would have ever thought that your plumbing fixtures would be the talk of the town? Do you want to impress family, friends, and neighbors with the latest and greatest faucets and fixtures? When most people think of technology, our first thought is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. We may even think about the latest in automotive design. I can assure you that we don’t think about toilets, faucets, and showerheads when it comes to technology.

Many of our kitchen faucets and fixtures will blow your minds, such as voice-activated faucets, touch controls, foot controls, and water filtration built right into the faucet. You can now adjust your kitchen faucet by using a wireless remote. Hands-free faucets are not just for fancy restaurants. The hands-free kitchen and bathroom faucet technology is designed for our homes as well as our businesses. Makers like American Standard, Moen, Kohler, Grohe, and Delta are all exceeding expectations.

Filtered Water Built Right Into The Faucet

Are you tired of lugging around those 5-gallon bottles of water? It is now a reality that you can have fresh-tasting filtered water right from your faucet when you purchase a Kohler Carafe® kitchen faucet.  

Here are some neat features:

  • Built-in water filtering
  • Single-lever kitchen faucet
  • Sleek contemporary European design
  • Temperature setting
Grohe Blue Kitchen Faucets

Kohlers is not the only one to introduce a faucet with a built-in filtration system, Grohe introduced Grohe Blue®, which includes chilled filtered water, with carbonation, if you choose. You’ll have the benefits of pouring a glass of cold carbonated filtered water right from your faucet. Pfister also offers their version of a faucet that has filtered technology. The model is called Xtract™. It provides the safety of removing mercury, leads, pesticides, and select pharmaceuticals, from the water. 

The U by Moen™ Smart Kitchen Faucets 

The U by Moen™ Smart Faucet offers comfort and accuracy of voice-activation technology to complete any kitchen task quickly. It gives any homeowner the ability to customize settings and give it personalized commands that will make every kitchen task a little easier. You can control the faucet in four different ways: voice command, hand motion, or your downloaded Moen app. You can completely control the faucet without ever touching it. The faucet connects to your WiFi and Amazon Alexa or with Google Assistant. The homeowner can request the temperature and amount of water desired through either device. The cost is around $360 and is featured in many colors and styles to fit any decor.

Consider The Sensate® Kitchen Faucets With Voice-Activated Technology

If you’re looking to conquer the kitchen, you need to consider the Sensate® faucet with voice-activated technology and Kohler Konnect. The faucet connects to Amazon Alexa, Google Assist, and Apple HomeKit. It features voice control, touchless, and Sweep® Spray technologies. The voice-activated technology can accurately deliver measured amounts of water, making any kitchen project simpler. Do you have your hands full? No worries! Just swipe, and the touchless faucet is activated. To make clean up a snap, try the faucet with Sweep® technologies. The two-function sprayhead gives the user the ability to switch from stream to a powerful sweep spray for those tough, stubborn, and hard to clean dishes. 

The Delta Touch2O® Technology

Delta® VoiceIQ™ Technology has its version of voice hand-free, voice activation that will dispense measured water on command. Additionally, it will turn your water on and off, warm the water, and fill specific containers to your desired levels. The Delta Touch2O® Technology gives you the ability to turn your water on and off by touching anywhere on the faucet body or handle. The faucet is available in many classic colors and styles. Colors include stainless steel, polished bronze, chrome, and many others. Your preference might be a pull-down sprayer Delta has MagnaTite® docking that will precisely lock your faucet head in place by using a powerful integrated magnet. 

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