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Urinals are for both home and business

Now, this may sound a little crazy, but have you ever noticed commercial urinals lately? For those of us that are a little older, we’ve seen significant changes. Some have taken a streamlined design with beveled lids. We even have urinals with a small bug embedded in the porcelain. I guess that’s for us men to take good aim. They are now ergonomically designed to save water and to meet the needs of our handicapped community.

In most cases, we don’t have to flush any longer because they now have touchless technology. The water is released when you walk away. The technology offers better hygiene along with better water-saving performance. Commercial urinals come in every shape and size, from floor mount to wall mount. Most urinals use .05 to 1 gallon per flush (GPF), not to mention waterless that require no water. In addition, suppliers like Kohler and American Standard offer them in four different colors.

Urinals Are At The Forefront Of Water Conservation

Water conservation has become one of the leading issues in California. Commercial waterless urinals can provide significant value by saving as much as 40,000 gallons of water a year per fixture. Additionally, this product offers a paradigm for urinal design and function. Waterless has the same basic science as standard urinals. The difference being, urine passes through a specially designed sealing liquid. The liquid is oil-based, and the urine sinks through the liquid, sealing off any smell. The liquid is made of oil, ammonia, and water. Once the urine hits the waste pipe, it moves through the sewer system as usual.

They Are In An Increasing Number Of Residence

Urinals are a standard feature in all sorts of public restrooms. However, during the last decade, they have been discovered in an increasing number of residences. They also appear in both high-and low-priced residences. Apart from the fact that these homeowners have the space and the resources to install a home urinal, the only apparent common denominator appears to be their preference for convenience.

The Ladies In The House Will Love It

There will be no more concerns with leaving the seat up or down. Boys can quickly take care of their business and return to watching the game. Additionally, many homeowners have discovered that the bathroom stayed cleaner after your plumber installed the new urinal.

#1 Benefit of Having A Urinal Is it’s Very Hygienic

The number one benefit to having a home urinal is they are very hygienic. There are no more drops of urine on the toilet seat, which the women can appreciate—no more touching the toilet to raise and lower it.  Additionally, the urinal makes for easy aim, which means that the floor will stay clean.

Your Home Urinal Will Save On Water

To begin, utilizing a urinal will help you save money on water and contribute to environmental conservation. It’s because, in comparison to a regular toilet, which consumes approximately 1.6 gallons of water per flush, the urinal typically consumes less than 1 gallon.

Toilets Still Take Precedence When Space Is An Issue

When it comes to your home’s bathroom, your toilet is still the most practical for household uses, regardless of your bathroom’s layout. When space gets restricted in a bathroom, which it usually is, the toilet will always take precedence over a urinal. In comparison to a urinal, toilets can eliminate numbers 1 and 2.

A Urinal Would Be One Cool Fixture In Our Bathroom At Home

Most would agree that a urinal in a home is considered a luxury. Supply costs and installation varies, and they can be more expensive than a toilet. Depending on the modifications to your plumbing system, you can expect to pay more for the installation.  With all that said, if space is not an issue in your bathroom, it would be one cool fixture in your home, especially if you have boys.

Commercial Plumbing Services

The best course of action is to use a highly trained plumbing contractor to provide proper installation. Proper mounting, pipe fitting, and p-trap setup are critical to a successful installation. Big B’s Plumbing is at the forefront of commercial plumbing services. Experienced plumbers trained explicitly to meet the demands of business, schools, restaurants, and government buildings.While most of our urinals get installed in a commercial building, they’ve become popular in homes as well.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of these latest technologies that urinals possessed but thanks to your article I now know the latest innovations. When it comes to urinals it is very important to keep them clean and conserve water at the same time. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. It was truly a pleasure to read your article.

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