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What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Their Plumbing

We don’t need to be a do-it-yourselfer to have some fundamental plumbing skills. There is no reason to call your local plumbing company every time there is a small plumbing issue. The cost of the few tools to keep around the house is less than a service call. I’ve met very few people that actually planned for a plumbing problem. Most homeowners have a plunger tucked away somewhere, but other than that, they’re not prepared. The fact of the matter is, if a homeowner spent 15 to 30 minutes a month doing minor checks and maintenance, it could save money for a homeowner over the long haul.

Monthly Plumbing Checks And Maintenance

#1 Take a flashlight and check under every sink in the house for leaks. Check for any signs of moisture, such as mold. Run the flashlight over your pipes to look for staining. This occurs when water drips down the pipe.

#2 Check your compression inlet valves commonly known as a toilet shut-off valve or sink shut off valve. Some of these valves get turned on and could stay on for twenty years or longer. In some cases, when you shut them off, they’ll immediately start to leak because they’ve been in the on position for so long. If you’ve never changed them and they’re ancient, save some money and have them all replaced at the same time. And remember, they don’t have to leak to be replaced.

DYI Plumbing - Check Your Toilet Valves

#3 Heavy used sinks should get a small amount of baking soda poured down them every month (2 to 3 tablespoons). Once the baking soda is down the drain, drizzle vinegar over it. You’ll hear it doing its job right away. Now pour a kettle full of scalding water down it. Do this once a month, and you’ll never have a clogged sink or bathtub drain.

Maintain Your Plumbing System

#4 Have your water heater’s storage tank drained and flushed of its sediment at least once a year. Doing this will significantly improve the performance and extend the life expectancy.

What Every Home Should Have In Their Tool Box:

#1 Every home needs a plunger. Wow, where would we be without our plunger?  They still don’t know who invented it. There’s speculation that it was a man named Jeffrey Gunderson in 1932, on the Isle of Jersey. Whoever it was, they never took out a patent.

#2 Your home could use an auger, also known as a plumber’s snake. Your plunger will not handle every clogged toilet, sink, or bathtub drain. For those tough clogs, have your small six to eight-foot snake ready to tackle the problem, it’s a minimal investment.

Plumber’s Snake

#3 Every home should have a jam buster wrench. A jam buster wrench will unjam your garbage disposal. It cost around six to seven dollars. Insinkerators have one in the box when you make a garbage disposal purchase. It’s an awkward looking tool, and most homeowners don’t know what they’re good for. They eventually get lost.

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