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What To Expect From Your Plumber

Here’s what to expect from your plumber. The fact is, many homeowners rarely need plumbing services. If we stop to think, most of us can count the times on one hand that we had to call our local plumbing company. For some homeowners, it seems they plan for problems before they even start, so when a plumbing issue hits, they come out swinging. At the very least, we should have our plumbing company’s phone number at arm’s reach just in case a plumbing emergency were to spring up. Whether we want to believe it or not, if we’re a homeowner, we will need a plumber at some point.

Your Plumber Needs To Be On Time

What should I expect from my plumber? First and foremost, you want your plumber to arrive on time. In many cases, the homeowner will take time off work to get the plumbing issue handled. A plumbing company has a pretty good idea of how long certain plumbing jobs take to fix, so scheduling should be fairly accurate. However, there are times when a job doesn’t go as planned for your plumber. Whether your plumbing technician will be early or late, they should show the courtesy of a call, informing the homeowner when to expect them.

They need To Be Courteous and communicate well

Expect your plumber to have the right courtesies. In other words, good manners and decent communication skills. In addition, they should be clean and well-groomed. I noticed that some people posting reviews online said: 

  • My plumber smelled like cigarettes.
  • I heard them drop an F-Bomb when they thought I wasn’t listening.
  • He tried to sell me something I didn’t need.
  • He smelled when he came into my home.
  • They left the area under the sink dirty.
  • They walked all over my home with dirty shoes.
  • And the list goes on.

These are just some of the complaints we hear about other companies online. At Big B’s Plumbing, technical skills, new plumbing technologies, communication, and cleanliness are part of our training process. We’re not perfect, nor do we claim to be. But we are in pursuit of it.

Expect Top-Notch Plumbing Skills

Without question, you can expect your plumber to have top-notch plumbing skills. Some plumbing companies have specific plumbers for specific jobs. For example, a plumber may excel at water heater installation, so they become a specialist of sorts at installing and repairing water heaters. Likewise, there are others best at installing and soldering copper pipes. Whatever the case, your plumber must be able to perform plumbing skills at a high level.

Your Plumber Will Have Good Knowledge Of The Latest Technologies

Let’s face it, new technologies are growing faster than the speed of sound, including the plumbing industry. We now have smart toilets, showerheads, water heaters, and faucets. The latest in water heaters will blow your mind. New water heaters will save a homeowner up to 30% or more over storage tank heaters manufactured just ten years ago. In addition, voice-activated faucets and showerheads are here to stay. Finally, Flo By Moen is a device that will monitor your plumbing for leaks and notify you if one were to occur on your smartphone app. How do we know about these products? Answer: Usually through your plumber. 

latest plumbing technologies

Get An Estimate Before Your Plumber Starts Work

Your plumber must give you an estimate of costs before they start work. Be mindful that some plumbing jobs are easy to estimate, such as a toilet installation, water heater install, or installing washer hoses. On the contrary, some plumbing problems are unknown, and the homeowner should be flexible. For example, you may give an estimate for a clogged drain. While most drains are easily unclogged with a plumber’s snake, there are times when a plumber may need to bring in some heavy equipment such as a hydro jetter. In that case, the plumber may need to increase the estimate to adjust for the unseen. The point is there are no two plumbing jobs that are the same. While your plumber will give you an estimate based on what he sees in front of him, the issue may change.

It’s The Plumber’s Responsibility To Leave The Job Clean

Expect your plumber to leave the job better than when he arrived. Plumbing is a dirty job, but the plumber’s responsibility is to leave the job cleaner than when they arrived. The homeowner should never have to clean up after your plumber. Call your Big B’s Plumbing expert today, Contractor license #9786152.

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